Review: Java Sok Iced Coffee Sleeve

Summer is my favorite time of year to get iced coffee in the afternoons. I’m not picky about where to get it, but I usually go to Starbucks, Dunkin’ Donuts, or McDonalds. I also go to Tim Hortons or Panera Bread occasionally too. My pet peeve though, is the condensation and getting my hands, desk, and clothes wet from the plastic cups!! Not to mention my hand getting really cold. That’s when I did my online search and found my new favorite accessory, the Java Sok!

Now, I have never seen this in stores before and it seems pretty exclusive to only being available online at So I emailed them and asked them to send me some samples to try and review for you guys. I am incredibly grateful that they responded with a yes! I now have every size and I must tell you, it is a necessity that I never knew I needed.

The Java Sok comes in 7 different colors and 3 different sizes such as the 16oz (Grande at Starbucks or small at DD’s), 24oz (Venti at Starbucks or medium at DD’s), and 32oz (Trenta at Starbucks or large at DD’s). All worked great for me and I even used the 16oz size on a Tall at Starbucks and it still worked, it just went up to the lid. So, whichever size you order more often that’s the one to get, or get one of each! 

My favorite part, outside of them doing a great job at what they’re made for, is how many colors are available! I can’t decide which is my favorite. They even say on their website that they may come out with even more colors and designs. I’m looking forward to see what else they have to offer in the future. This is such a creative and amazing idea that I am excited for more!

The Java Sok itself works great at keeping the drink cool and the condensation from dripping everywhere. I had it on my Grande iced coffee for 4 hours and it STILL had ice in it! So, not only did it prevent my pet peeve of condensation, but it helped the drink last longer by keeping it cool. (Yes, I tend to drink these slowly in the mornings at work). Another good thing is that even with the Java Sok on, the drinks still fit in my cup holders in my car. Now I can use this soft, comfortable, and insulating sleeve on my iced beverages anytime anywhere!

The only negative I have to say about it, is that it does make it a tiny bit less stable on my desk, but I honestly haven’t had any issue of it knocking over. It’s just a little more wobbly since the bottom is also the thick insulating koozie material, but it’s well worth it for the benefits. Even though these are made specifically for Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts cups, they worked with the medium McCafe plastic cup that I ordered iced coffee in and also a small iced coffee at Panera Bread. Both fit the 16oz or 24oz sized Java Sok. I did ask how to clean them if coffee were to spill over on them and the best way to do it is with dish soap and water by hand and then let air dry.

Overall, I’d definitely recommend that you try this out if you are an avid iced coffee or any iced beverage drinker. I’m so happy I had the chance to try this product and that it was provided to me this for me to review. Thanks Java Sok!!

Have you tried the Java Sok yet? They have a special deal where you get 15% off 2, 20% off 3-6, or 25% off 7-12. If you only buy one they are priced at $9.95 each for any size. Also, with my special promo code “christina10” you can get an added 10% off your order until 9/30/17! So be sure to order soon to take advantage of the extra savings!

Leave me comments if you’re getting a Java Sok and which colors are your favorite!


Review: Perfectly Posh Complexion Perfection and Moisturize 911

So, my close friend had a Perfectly Posh party. If you’ve never heard of their products, Perfectly Posh is a Made in USA brand that claims they blend quality ingredients to bring you the best products for your pampering pleasure. Now to begin, I love the idea of locally made products and quality ingredients, but unfortunately this won’t be a positive review.

I was looking into their face wash and moisturizer since I have my wedding coming up in May and I have whiteheads and blackheads everywhere from stress and working out a lot. I needed something to clear those up. The consultant suggested many products, but I chose the Complexion Perfection and Moisturize 911.

The products are pretty expensive for what you get, but it’s understandable, since everything is locally sourced. They are $19 per bottle and with tax it was a little over $40. I was excited to see how they work since they cost a pretty penny.

Let’s talk about what I like about the products, because they weren’t a total fail. They both smell really nice. The face wash smells sweet with a hint of peppermint and gave my face a fresh tingly feeling. The moisturizer is very light and didn’t make me feel sticky or like I had a layer on my face. If these products didn’t have negative side effects, I would have been happy with my purchase.

Yes, now on to the negative side effects. The first use I washed and moisturized at night. The Moisturize 911 says to apply twice a day, so I wanted to start right away. I woke up and had hives on one side of my face! I didn’t think it was the products, I just thought it was allergies, so I kept using them. The face wash gets huge bubbles when you scrub and they went up my nose a lot and it was sort of annoying. The walnut shells in there are pretty rough, although there weren’t a ton in the pea sized amount that it suggested I use. That amount was definitely enough for each wash though. After a couple of days, my skin was getting pretty dry. I tried more moisturizer, but I felt like it was doing nothing. After a week or so of daily use and then switching to every other day, my face felt like sand paper. It was dry, flaky, and irritated.

The good news is I was able to contact the sales consultant and return the product. We both assume I’m allergic to something in them. I do have pretty sensitive skin and was hoping more natural products would benefit me, but they did not. I think Complexion Perfection was too rough for my skin and Moisturize 911 was not able to make up for the dryness that happened after washing.

Overall, the party, buying process, and consultant were great! I just don’t think I’ll be purchasing their products again. If you’re interested in learning more about Perfectly Posh, you can visit their website here. Have you tried their products? Which are your favorite and least favorites? Comment below!

Review: Yes to Carrots – Pomegranate Dark Circle Corrector

Review: Yes to Carrots - Pomegranate Dark Circle Corrector

Ever since I can remember I’ve had dark circles under my eyes. I blame it on allergies to most everything, but I also blame it on lack of sleep as well, since I started waking up earlier due to my hour commute to work. After receiving the Yes to Pomegranate Dark Circle Correcting cream from a giveaway, I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to see if I could rid of my unsightly dark circles.

Review: Yes to Carrots - Pomegranate Dark Circle Corrector

Reading the directions it says to apply to the under eye and orbital bone twice daily. It says to use about a pearl size amount. The cream is kind of an off white color and the smell isn’t very pleasant, but it’s bearable and also not noticeable after it dries. I applied the cream to a cotton swab, since touching the delicate eye area can lead to more darkness from busted capillaries. I also put the cream around my eyelid as well, since it also looks dark there too.

After about a week, I did not notice much with the dark circles, but my under eyes did look smoother. I noticed that the cream, when wet, makes the darkness more noticeable, so after it dried, it looked much better.

Review: Yes to Carrots - Pomegranate Dark Circle Corrector

After two weeks, I still didn’t see a difference in the morning when first waking up, but I did notice in the afternoon (while taking a selfie….) my eyes actually looked brighter and less dark! I’m not sure if it was due to more sleep or the cream, but I’ll continue use until I run out to see if the results get more noticeable.

Here are some notes I’ll take away from using this cream:

I have a very pale complexion and this might not be the best product for my skin tone

I may not see results because the cream made me aware that I rub my eyes A LOT

I researched other creams, and this one is pretty reasonably priced if I were to continue use

The cream does outdate within the next few months and that might have something to do with its effectiveness

Overall, I think this product was not for me. I am pretty impatient, and I didn’t see significant results in two weeks of continuous twice a day use. I can’t say there is such a thing as a miracle dark circle correcting cream. It may be my genetics causing the circles (or my constant eye rubbing!! Must stop that!!). If you happen to try this product or another eye cream, post your experience in the comments!

Review: Flipbelt vs. Spibelt – Fitness Running Belt for Phones & Accessories

Review: FlipBelt – Fitness Running Belt for Phones & Accessories

While searching on Pinterest for some athletic shoe and outfit ideas, I found a post about the FlipBelt, which is a MicroPoly Wicking Fabric belt with slots that you can put your phone, keys, and anything you need while you run. This has been something I’ve needed for a long time, because it fits the iPhone 6 plus! Other belts and arm bands seem to not hold such a large phone. I use my iPod Shuffle for music, but I like my phone to use the running apps and the FitBit app. So, I impulsively, without hesitation, immediately purchased the FlipBelt on their website with the code “PIN10” to get 10% off (Expires 12/31/15). Find the post here!

Review: FlipBelt – Fitness Running Belt for Phones & Accessories

The FlipBelt is $28.99 without discounts and offers FREE 3-5 day shipping!

Review: FlipBelt – Fitness Running Belt for Phones & Accessories

Ordering was super easy and I like that they list waist sizes in inches so I could find which would fit best. I also forgot to type in the Pinterest promo code, so I emailed them about 30 mins later asking if I could still get the discount and they applied it to my order! So great customer service! It arrived within 2 days after receiving my shipping confirmation, which was great since they said 3-5 day FREE shipping and it ended up arriving early.

Review: FlipBelt – Fitness Running Belt for Phones & Accessories

They have all sorts of colors, but I chose the Neon Punch, which is a orangish pink! I love the color coral, so this is pretty similar, just neon coral! I love having options, but if there is any color close to coral it has to be mine. I should also mention that the belt has an attached key hook, which is very nice to have that extra security of not losing my key!

As for fit, I got a small and I wear size 2 pants, usually 28″ waist, and the FlipBelt fits very snug and doesn’t budge. I tried it out for the first time while running 3 miles and it held both my key and iPhone 6 plus! The only complaint is that I had to remove my Incipio DualPro Case because it is that rubbery texture that grips the FlipBelt material and does not slide easily. I took off the phone case and the iPhone 6 plus fit, no problem! I think if you have a plastic case with a smooth surface it will fit as well. I tested this with my sister’s iPhone 5s that had a plastic case and I had no issues.

The phone at my waist was surprisingly comfortable, but I did get sweaty and the belt did too, so it had to be washed. Luckily, the FlipBelt is machine washable! While running, it didn’t move at all and stayed in place, so I had no worries about having to adjust the belt or my phone at any time during my run. Very convenient! It’s a miracle!

Here’s a video from their website about how to use the FlipBelt to get a better idea of how it’s used:

I didn’t flip the belt over after inserting my phone and key because I wanted to check my progress on my running apps every few minutes, but I see how it could add additional security if you are doing an activity where you move around the waist more, like biking.

Overall, I would recommend this fitness utility belt to anyone who is looking to avoid arm bands, fanny packs, or stuffing your things in your bra. Or if you are looking for something that not as invasive, like the arm band, for larger phones. It’s so convenient, pretty, and useful. If you try it let me know how you like it!

Review: FlipBelt – Fitness Running Belt for Phones & Accessories

Learn more about the FlipBelt on their website:


Comparing FlipBelt to SpiBelt:

In my opinion, SpiBelts are too bulky. The Flipbelt is much less invasive and you don’t need a zipper to hold everything in. I also like that the Flipbelt fits more items. You can store keys, phone, ID card, etc. all the way around your waist instead of just the front. The FlipBelt is also way more comfortable since there is no buckle to lock it in place. It just stretches and fits tight around the waist and doesn’t budge! FlipBelt also has a bunch of different sizes and they list the waist sizes for each so you know exactly the size you need.

SpiBelts are mostly black, while the FlipBelt is 360 degrees of eye popping color! (if you so choose, because they also have black and gray too) Honestly, SpiBelt feels and looks like a fanny pack that bounces when running, while the FlipBelt is a sleek, attractive belt that doesn’t budge! Overall, I’d definitely recommend the FlipBelt over the SpiBelt. Which do you prefer?


Review: Pawz Natural Rubber Dog Boots

Review: Pawz Natural Rubber Dog Boots

You know how we’ve been getting below zero degree weather in Ohio? Well, I witnessed for the first time (as a first time dog owner) my dog not able to walk in below 0 degree weather. She would just sit and lift each paw, then started shaking! I felt so helpless because I couldn’t lift her to take her inside. I just acted excited and had her RUN with me to the front door.

Review: Pawz Natural Rubber Dog Boots

That being said, I looked for some way to protect her paws from frostbite. I found these Pawz Natural Rubber Dog Boots at Mutts & Co. I was skeptical at first because they are basically balloons covering the dog’s feet.

She did not like them at first, but quickly learned that they were helping rather than hurting her. Outside, she barely notices they are on. I am happy to report that she has not stopped walking or started shaking since we’ve been using these booties! Of course we do not use them if it’s above 30 degrees outside, but I do like to put them on her if there is salt on the walks or roads. Salt can dry out their paw pads and these boots protect her paws from it.

These boots also keep the pup’s feet clean from dirt, mud, and other gross things we don’t see them walk in. They are waterproof, but Luna’s nails have shown to poke holes. These are safe to dispose of as well and a pack comes with more than 4 boots. The price ranges from $12 – $25 depending on size. I believe Medium was around $16. I’ve seen cheaper online though, but since I was in a hurry I bought them in store.


I wasn’t sure which size to choose, but we went with medium because she is a 40 pound border collie black lab mix. They fit pretty well, but her nails sometimes get in the way when putting them on. She still does not like the process of putting them on.. Haha. BUT, they do stay put and we can go on a long walk without worrying about them falling off.

Overall, I recommend this product for all dog owners. They make so many sizes and it’s just taking a step towards protecting your dog and keeping them healthy and happy. I might post a video of Luna in her Pawz sometime. She always gets compliments on them!

Here is some pretty cool info about Pawz Booties:

dog with boots

Pawz is the world’s only disposable and reusable, waterproof dog boot. Made of natural rubber, Pawz are 100% biodegradable. Pawz are designed to go on easily and fit securely without zippers or straps. Fashionable yet durable, Pawz offers serious paw protection. Pawz is the most natural-feeling boot your dog can wear because without padding your dog feels the ground, providing a needed sense of security. Like a sock, Pawz moves with your dog, allowing full paw motion and maximum comfort. And imagine never losing another expensive dog boot again! Pawz come 12 in a package and each boot may be worn many times.




More info at:

Review: TAZO Chai Tea Bags

Review: TAZO Chai Tea Bags

Last year I had discovered Chai tea and fell in love with this flavorful hot beverage that was refreshing and delicious. Since then, I have tried several brands of Chai tea and Chai tea lattes. In this blog I will be reviewing TAZO’s Chai Vanilla Caramel thanks to and providing these samples. Even though I was given this product to review, my opinions are my own.

What’s great about TAZO is that they are honest about where they get all of their ingredients. They also use a lot of organic ingredients as well for some of their teas. Their Chai Tea is available as tea bags or in liquid concentrates. Each TAZO Chai flavor is its own unique blend with an individual taste profile. Not only do you get the benefits of green or black tea, you get the benefits of the spices as well. It’s also nice that they are not sweetened. I think this tea is so flavorful it doesn’t need anything added!

The TAZO Vanilla Caramel Chai Tea has a light spicy flavor with a small hint of vanilla and caramel. I used hot water and added the tea bag to be pleasantly surprised by the scent. It smells wonderful in the bag itself, but adding it to water made it fill the room. It was a great experience for the senses. They offer instructions on the back of the bags. Use 8 oz of hot water and let seep for 5 minutes. I let it seep for about 2 or 3, as I usually do not like my tea very strong. They have these instructions the same for the three tea bags I was given.

Review: TAZO Chai Tea Bags

I could see adding in some milk or a little sugar to make it creamier and sweeter so it’s more of a dessert or treat. I may try this next time I have a cup. Overall, I love this company and their products. I have gotten Chai Tea Lattes from Starbucks and this is their tea brand. I knew I couldn’t go wrong with them, but was hesitant about just having a tea bag rather than having cream, milk, sugar, etc. added like they do at Starbucks. I was very happy with the light, refreshing, perfectly blended flavor!


Now it’s YOUR turn to try! Smiley360 and TAZO were kind enough to give me a FREE TAZO tea product coupon! Comment below with the flavor of TAZO Chai Tea you would like to try (click here to view flavors) for a chance to WIN this high value coupon. Winner will be chosen November 22nd. US states only. No purchase necessary. Coupon max value of $5.99. Coupon expires 1/31/15.

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Winner of Tazo Chai Tea

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