Review: LulaRoe Nicole Dress

Lularoe nicole dress reviewWell, here I am again reviewing a LulaRoe product! I have to be honest, I kind of got tired of the whole patterned leggings trend. I wore them a few times, but now I only wear my solid gray or purple ones under dresses. When I was at someone’s online shop on Facebook, I decided to give one of their dresses a try. I only liked the patterns of a couple, so I went ahead and bought the Nicole patterned dress.

LulaRoe Nicole Dress Review

The issue was that the Nicole has a lower waistline, and I have a pretty high one. I also only liked the XXS dress pattern and was worried it would be too small since I’m a size 2-4 and XXS is 0-2.

LulaRoe Nicole Dress Review

To kind of hide the bunching at the waist, I used a belt and it looked great! The dress WAS pretty tight, but at least I was confident it wasn’t going to slip or move at all.

LulaRoe Nicole Dress Review

I wore this dress for my engagement photos and I think they turned out great! I love the coral and gray colors and pattern of the flowers. I think my 5″ heels helped with making me look taller. Without the heels the dress kind of makes me look shorter.

LulaRoe Nicole Dress Review

The fabric is very nice and good quality. It is slightly stretchy, which I think helped make it fit. I washed the dress in cold water and let it dry flat on top of the dryer overnight. It still looks perfect!

Overall, I think I would get a Nicole again, but as a XS instead of XXS. That way it wouldn’t be so tight, especially around the arms. Do you own a Nicole dress?


Review: LulaRoe Clothing (Leggings and Irmas)

LuLaRoe Clothing Product Review

I was introduced to LuLaRoe by a friend at work. She added me to a seller’s Facebook group and I decided to give them a try, since my friend let me feel how soft the leggings were. They seemed really comfortable and like silk, but thicker material. My first purchase happened to be size Tween leggings that was paired with an Irma top (size XXS) for a bundle deal to save $3. I did not pay shipping since my friend knew the seller and she picked them up for me!

First LulaRoe Outfit

I am a size 2 pant, XS shirt, and 5’0″ tall, so the Tween leggings fit pretty well on me length wise and waist wise. They are a bit tight, but they are so stretchy I barely notice. They say the shirts run a size big, and I can see how that would be since a XXS was still pretty large! It was ok though, since I wanted it to be loose over the leggings. I really enjoyed pairing the leggings with oversized sweaters as well. I’ve also worn the shirt with jeans or black leggings. The shirt is not as soft as the leggings, just a regular cotton feel, but still very comfortable. I love all the leggings I see my friend wearing. I would probably not wear them to work if she didn’t do so as well!


I have worn these leggings many times, but I think my one mistake is that I put them in the dryer. The softness has seemed to fade a bit and they have shrunk a little, but not drastically noticeable. I would recommend leaving these out to dry flat. There are instructions given when you purchase these leggings and I will follow them from now on! Care directions for all LuLaRoe clothing are as follows:

LuLaRoe Care Instructions

LuLaRoe Leggings Review

That same friend happened to give me another pair, which I love, for my birthday! These are One Size fits all (OS) and fit much more loosely and comfortably than the Tween. They are still tight at the waist, but I feel that there is much more room in the legs and butt of the leggings with OS compared to Tween. The above photo is after a couple of washes (Tween size on right). I pair all of my leggings with flats or boots, which seem to be the best with this fashion trend.

LuLaRoe Leggings Review  LuLaRoe Clothing Review

My second LuLaRoe purchase was recent and I’ve seen pop up parties posted ALL the time now! They are really gaining popularity. It was a pop up shop that was open for 24 hours and you have to say “SOLD” on the clothing items you want (along with any other seller instructions, such as adding your email address and or zip code). The items can be found in their album folders on the event or group page. This party had “free” shipping, but it was just automatically in the price of each item. For instance, my first seller did not include shipping, since she allowed buyers to meet her instead of having to pay for shipping. This was very nice, but some sellers are too far, so having shipping automatically in the pricing was also helpful when purchasing from my second seller. I received my items within 3 business days! This will depend on the seller, of course.

Overall, I really love the quality of these clothing items. They are rather pricey ($20+ for leggings and $30+ for tops), but the patterns are one of a kind and run out quickly. I really enjoy going to all of the pop up parties on Facebook, even if it is to just look at the most recent patterns. I even got my sister hooked on these lovely leggings! 🙂

So, what do you think about the new crazy pattern trend? Do you own any LuLaRoe clothing? Do you sell? How has your experience with them been? Comment below or comment on my Facebook page!


Review: Flipbelt vs. Spibelt – Fitness Running Belt for Phones & Accessories

Review: FlipBelt – Fitness Running Belt for Phones & Accessories

While searching on Pinterest for some athletic shoe and outfit ideas, I found a post about the FlipBelt, which is a MicroPoly Wicking Fabric belt with slots that you can put your phone, keys, and anything you need while you run. This has been something I’ve needed for a long time, because it fits the iPhone 6 plus! Other belts and arm bands seem to not hold such a large phone. I use my iPod Shuffle for music, but I like my phone to use the running apps and the FitBit app. So, I impulsively, without hesitation, immediately purchased the FlipBelt on their website with the code “PIN10” to get 10% off (Expires 12/31/15). Find the post here!

Review: FlipBelt – Fitness Running Belt for Phones & Accessories

The FlipBelt is $28.99 without discounts and offers FREE 3-5 day shipping!

Review: FlipBelt – Fitness Running Belt for Phones & Accessories

Ordering was super easy and I like that they list waist sizes in inches so I could find which would fit best. I also forgot to type in the Pinterest promo code, so I emailed them about 30 mins later asking if I could still get the discount and they applied it to my order! So great customer service! It arrived within 2 days after receiving my shipping confirmation, which was great since they said 3-5 day FREE shipping and it ended up arriving early.

Review: FlipBelt – Fitness Running Belt for Phones & Accessories

They have all sorts of colors, but I chose the Neon Punch, which is a orangish pink! I love the color coral, so this is pretty similar, just neon coral! I love having options, but if there is any color close to coral it has to be mine. I should also mention that the belt has an attached key hook, which is very nice to have that extra security of not losing my key!

As for fit, I got a small and I wear size 2 pants, usually 28″ waist, and the FlipBelt fits very snug and doesn’t budge. I tried it out for the first time while running 3 miles and it held both my key and iPhone 6 plus! The only complaint is that I had to remove my Incipio DualPro Case because it is that rubbery texture that grips the FlipBelt material and does not slide easily. I took off the phone case and the iPhone 6 plus fit, no problem! I think if you have a plastic case with a smooth surface it will fit as well. I tested this with my sister’s iPhone 5s that had a plastic case and I had no issues.

The phone at my waist was surprisingly comfortable, but I did get sweaty and the belt did too, so it had to be washed. Luckily, the FlipBelt is machine washable! While running, it didn’t move at all and stayed in place, so I had no worries about having to adjust the belt or my phone at any time during my run. Very convenient! It’s a miracle!

Here’s a video from their website about how to use the FlipBelt to get a better idea of how it’s used:

I didn’t flip the belt over after inserting my phone and key because I wanted to check my progress on my running apps every few minutes, but I see how it could add additional security if you are doing an activity where you move around the waist more, like biking.

Overall, I would recommend this fitness utility belt to anyone who is looking to avoid arm bands, fanny packs, or stuffing your things in your bra. Or if you are looking for something that not as invasive, like the arm band, for larger phones. It’s so convenient, pretty, and useful. If you try it let me know how you like it!

Review: FlipBelt – Fitness Running Belt for Phones & Accessories

Learn more about the FlipBelt on their website:


Comparing FlipBelt to SpiBelt:

In my opinion, SpiBelts are too bulky. The Flipbelt is much less invasive and you don’t need a zipper to hold everything in. I also like that the Flipbelt fits more items. You can store keys, phone, ID card, etc. all the way around your waist instead of just the front. The FlipBelt is also way more comfortable since there is no buckle to lock it in place. It just stretches and fits tight around the waist and doesn’t budge! FlipBelt also has a bunch of different sizes and they list the waist sizes for each so you know exactly the size you need.

SpiBelts are mostly black, while the FlipBelt is 360 degrees of eye popping color! (if you so choose, because they also have black and gray too) Honestly, SpiBelt feels and looks like a fanny pack that bounces when running, while the FlipBelt is a sleek, attractive belt that doesn’t budge! Overall, I’d definitely recommend the FlipBelt over the SpiBelt. Which do you prefer?


Review: The Color Run – Columbus (Promo Code Included!)


In July 2013 I ran The Color Run (TCR) for the first time! It was the most fun I’ve ever had running a 5K race and I became obsessed with this race. I know not everyone knows what The Color Run is (where have you been!?) so I’ll explain it first and give my review and a promo code for this years race on July 18th, 2015!


The event is so much fun even before it starts! The day of the race they have DJ and you get chances to go on stage and compete for swag and color packets. You have to wear all white to the race so that the color you are being blasted with shows up! It’s part of the fun! While you are running, there are stations where volunteers are throwing colorful cornstarch at you to get you covered. It’s great motivation and it’s so fun to see yourself at the end looking like a work of art! They also donate some of the profits to charity and have raised $3 million since they’ve started. At the end of the race you get a color packet (snacks, water) and then you can either dump it on yourself, throw it at your friends and or some strangers, or keep it for the finale where everyone huddles together and throws their open packets of color at once! Makes for some awesome photos.



Some tips for before the race:

1. Wear white wherever possible! You’ll want that color to show, right?!

2. Leave your electronics at home! I would suggest not bringing anything but your car key and keep it in a safe place. I used the arm band they sell at the race.

3. If you have light hair it may be colorful for a couple of washes! If you don’t want this to happen, wear a bandanna. That’s what I do!

4. Wear shoes you don’t mind getting colorful and messy! I chose some old white tennis shoes I’ve had for years. I only keep them specifically for these kinds of races. 😀

5. Don’t put the tattoo on your face! Just my advice because it hurts trying to scrub that sucker off.

6. Bring sheets, towels, extra clothing and shoes for after the race! You will be covered in color and it will rub off on your car seats and anything you touch. Be prepared!

7. Bring facial cleansing wipes or paper towels and water! This will be good to wash your hands and face off after the race. Be warned that blue and purple does not come off all the way until you bathe a couple of times. 🙂

8. Buy your ticket EARLY! The price goes up to $55 on race day, so the earlier you buy the cheaper it will be.

The Color Run 2015 Promo Code

Which brings me to my Promo Code! Save $5 now with special promo code: CB1 at checkout on

Hurry because the price goes up April 15th, 2015.



The Color Run is great fun and motivation to get moving. I loved the music, the people, the atmosphere, and that they support charities with part of my registry fee. Sometimes it does rain and it’s a bummer, but it’s still so much fun no matter what! There are also water stations too, so if it’s a super hot day, you’ll have the chance to break and take a sip. The end of the race is fun and filled with photo stations, music, dancing, and fun.

So what do you say? Will YOU be joining me at The Color Run 2015?


Get Kissable Soft Lips Instantly! Mary Kay SatinLips Review

Mary Kay Satin Lips Treatment Review/home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/fb7/27066947/files/2014/12/img_2247.jpg


After having a Mary Kay party I was given $50 worth of free products from my consultant! This was because I brought 5 friends to the party. One of the products I chose was the SatinLips regimen. It exfoliates in minutes and leaves your lips silky soft and perfectly kissable!

First you put the Mary Kay SatinLips mask on your lips and run into them. You may find that clumps build up and this is normal. It actually is dead skin cells being removed. After your lips are covered, leave it on for 1 – 2 minutes.




After you let it set in, remove with a damp wash cloth or a cleansing towelette.


Rub on the Mary Kay SatinLips lip balm after to moisturizer for up to 6 hours.



Now you should have satin soft lips! Perfect for the New Years midnight kiss.

I’ve noticed this doesn’t last too long. I have to do this every other day it seems. But it is the winter months. I bet it would last longer in the summer.

If any skin irritation occurs please immediately remove with water and discontinue use. All opinions are my own and I do not get paid to give my reviews.

Let me know how you get silly soft lips below!

Review: Twice – Online Brand-Name Used Clothing Shop

Twice Clothing Review

***UPDATE: 07/21/2015 – Twice is no longer going to sell on their website. They are switching to eBay Valet. This is affective immediately, but to clear inventory they will be having sales. Right now it’s 30% off. They will not buy anything from now on though. I’m sad to see them go, but if it is the best choice for them, than they should move their store to eBay. Regardless, here is my review of the online store as it was:


I decided that I wanted to shop at used clothing stores to help the environment and also get some really good deals on brand name clothing. I searched for places locally, such as Plato’s Closet and Goodwill, but they were so few and far between. Google Ad words must have tracked my searching, because a day later I saw an ad for Twice! It’s an online consignment store that sells brand name, gently used clothing and handbags. I was more than excited and started shopping instantly!

For $10 store credit click here to make a purchase!

Twice Clothing Review Shirts

The website is fairly easy to navigate. You can search by size, color, category, price, popularity, and brand name. The only issue I saw here is that you cannot be as specific while looking through the new and clearance sections, which don’t allow you to select a color or certain categories. Be aware that “FINAL SALE” means the items cannot be returned.

Twice Clothing Review New Items

After making about 4 purchases, because I kept finding 50% off purchase coupons on Facebook (I have a slight shopping addiction), I decided to wait for my first package to see if the clothes really did come in good condition. They were used after all! But, when my package arrived I was ecstatic. The box was sort of small and very heavy. It came priority mail from California, so it took about a week or so to get to me in Ohio. So, shipping is quite slow, and I didn’t see an option for faster shipping, but I wouldn’t want to pay for it anyways. They give free shipping to purchases over $49 and they have a flat rate of $4.95 shipping if you don’t want to spend over $49.

The clothes were sealed in plastic bags that I had to rip open. It was like they were brand new all sealed tight. I opened the first item and was so happy to see it was in great condition! Only complaint is every item was very wrinkled, but nothing 10 minutes in the dryer couldn’t fix. I tried them all on instantly. They smelled nice and clean. I was very pleased with all but 3 shirts, which were a little too big. (Sorry for some poor quality pics, I was in a hurry!)

I mixed and matched a couple of my items to show some ways I plan to wear them. I didn’t own any high end brand name clothes until now! I feel so fashionable and I barely spent $100! I am definitely going to be a returning customer.. maybe TOO often. Their tagline says it all “The best way to get the brands you love at prices you can’t resist.” I got a Talbots cashmere sweater ($127 retail value) for about $11. That’s incredible!

Twice Brand-Name Used Online Clothing Store

Overall, I really had a good experience with them. After looking at several online used clothing shops, this one seemed to be the nicest. I do plan on returning the three shirts that are too large (I have 30 days to return). They require the Twice tags to still be on them and also charge $4.95 to ship back to them. I will update you on my experience with that as well as selling to them when I get the chance. Be on the lookout for coupons and download their mobile app to get $10 in store credit! Also, if you follow this link you will get ANOTHER $10 credit and $10 credit when you sell items! (be sure to confirm your email address before shopping)

The best thing is they are always providing extra savings all over the web, so keep an eye out before you buy! Follow them on Facebook, because that is where I always see the 50% off coupons. Or watch this video for 25% off. The trick is they give you a time limit on the coupon. They also have many giveaways and contests on their Facebook as well.

Twice Ad on Facebook

You can also sell to them and get cash for your used clothing. Learn more about how much you can earn here:

Let me know your experience with Twice or any other online consignment shop!

Review: Sunless Tanning Lotions & Tips

Sunless Tanning Lotion Reivew

I have a very fair skin tone and light complexion, thanks to my Irish heritage. So, to get a nice tan color by sun tanning isn’t exactly the best option for me. You can tan while wearing sunscreen, but it takes a long time to develop over time. When I need a quick fix tan I reach for sunless tanners. Now, I have tried Jergen’s Natural Glow a few times in the past and never really thought to try any other. Jergen’s left streaking and I looked gray-brown rather than golden-tan. This year, I decided I wanted to try another brand.

I should begin by telling you to read the directions on the bottle. Exfoliate skin before first use and also let dry before putting your clothes on. I usually wait 15 – 30 minutes. I also wipe off my elbows, wrists, knees and ankles after application as well.

A friend of mine suggested I try Nivea Sun-kissed Radiance, but I had a heck of a time finding it, so I just grabbed Banana Boat Summer Color Deep Dark Color for all skin tones. The Banana Boat lotion is tinted brown so you can insure even coverage. It also is supposed to be a super quick solution instead of getting a gradual result.

Banana Boat Sunless Tanning Lotion - Summer Color, Deep Dark Color ReviewBanana Boat Sunless Tanning Lotion - Summer Color, Deep Dark Color Review


– I was darker within hours of the first application

– I was a very nice golden tan after second application

– I got compliments on how tan I was getting by people who didn’t know I was sunless tanning

– It dries pretty quickly and isn’t greasy


– This lotions SMELLS. It is a terrible sunless tanning lotion smell and it gets all over your clothes and bedding

– It came off on my towels, clothes and bed sheets

– After my third application I developed an ORANGE tint and my hands, elbows and knees looked dirty and unnatural

Banana Boat Sunless Tanning Lotion - Summer Color, Deep Dark Color Review

Overall, this was a good quick fix despite the smell and it coming off on my clothes. I can see myself using this again as long as I only use it a couple times in a row, and I don’t wear nice clothes and sleep in nice bedsheets after application. But, since I didn’t want to smell awful and destroy all of my towels everyday, I went for my friend’s suggestion.


Nivea Sun-Kissed Radiance - Sunless Gradual Tanning Lotion ReviewNivea Sun-Kissed Radiance - Sunless Gradual Tanning Lotion Review

The Nivea Sun Kissed Radiance Gradual Tanning Lotion has been much more pleasant in regards to smell and even color. I have been applying at night before bed, after a shower, but I could easily wear this during the day because the smell isn’t strong at all. I still smell the “sunless tan lotion stink”, but not nearly as much as I did with the Banana Boat lotion.


– The smell is pleasant and not too strong

– Easily applies and a lot goes a long way

– White lotion, which doesn’t seem to discolor towels, sheets and clothing

– More natural looking tan that is very gradual


– It is pretty greasy and doesn’t absorb quickly

– Gradual means it will take 3-5 days to get a result, so not a quick fix if you want tan ASAP

– I feel very sticky even hours after applying this lotion (maybe it’s just me?)

Nivea Sun-Kissed Radiance - Sunless Gradual Tanning Lotion Review

Overall, this was a much better lotion to me because it caused less interference with my daily life. I can deal with being a little sticky as long as I don’t smell terrible! The gradual time to tan made me a bit impatient, but I feel comfortable putting this lotion on every single day without fear of turning orange. It also is nice to not have to worry about it coming off on clothing and bed sheets.


Self Tanning Tips:

– Don’t scratch! It will remove the skin cells that have been colored by the DHA and leave marks

– Your shower will turn brown! So be sure to wipe it down as to not stain it

– Be careful shaving! The tanner WILL come off while shaving, so make sure to go slow and steady to not cause streaks

– Stay moisturized and hydrated! To make the tan last, you need to preserve the skin cells so drink lots of water & moisturize (this includes sunscreen to prevent burning and drying out)

– Sweating sheds skin cells! My back and chest are lighter than the rest of me after using the tanner because I sweat there the most

Sunless tanning can be a safe way to get a nice glow, but always remember to wear sunscreen every time you go outdoors! I have to remind myself constantly that sunscreen is 100% a necessity all year round. I started using Alba Botanica Hawaiian Sunscreen, SPF 45 on a daily basis and it’s great! I’ll wright a review of it soon.