Review: Columbus Color Run (2016 Promo Code Included!)


The Color Run 2016 Promo Code

(For $5 off The Color Run Columbus 2016 use promo code: TCRCOLUMBUS1)

I have been a fan of The Color Run (TCR) for many years now. They keep getting more creative and luring me into signing up for each race. They keep it fresh and different every year! Last year in 2015, it was the Shine Tour. Instead of just color, at the end they covered you in a beautiful shiny powder! I loved it!

I can’t say enough how exciting and fun this race is. It gets you motivated to be happy and healthy, no matter where you are in life. This race is for EVERYONE! You don’t have to be a runner to join in on the fun. I know several people who walk the course to make it last, because it is THAT awesome of an experience!

This year, they switched it up. For 2016 they are doing the Tropicolor Tour! It’s definitely going to be one of their best! The Color Run Tropicolor World Tour 2016 is bringing a 5k paradise straight to Columbus, Ohio with a sweet Tropicolor Zone on course, all-new Rainbow Beach at the Finish Festival, and a fresh island-style participant kit.

The Color Run Promo Code

Save $5 with Promo Code: TCRCOLUMBUS1


Save $5 with Promo Code: TCRCOLUMBUS1


Save $5 with Promo Code: TCRCOLUMBUS1

Excited yet?? Don’t wait! The price goes up soon! For additional savings, use my promo code: TCRCOLUMBUS1 to get $5 off! Register now!

The Color Run 2016 Promo Code

The Color Run 2016 Columbus


Review: The Color Run – Columbus (Promo Code Included!)


In July 2013 I ran The Color Run (TCR) for the first time! It was the most fun I’ve ever had running a 5K race and I became obsessed with this race. I know not everyone knows what The Color Run is (where have you been!?) so I’ll explain it first and give my review and a promo code for this years race on July 18th, 2015!


The event is so much fun even before it starts! The day of the race they have DJ and you get chances to go on stage and compete for swag and color packets. You have to wear all white to the race so that the color you are being blasted with shows up! It’s part of the fun! While you are running, there are stations where volunteers are throwing colorful cornstarch at you to get you covered. It’s great motivation and it’s so fun to see yourself at the end looking like a work of art! They also donate some of the profits to charity and have raised $3 million since they’ve started. At the end of the race you get a color packet (snacks, water) and then you can either dump it on yourself, throw it at your friends and or some strangers, or keep it for the finale where everyone huddles together and throws their open packets of color at once! Makes for some awesome photos.



Some tips for before the race:

1. Wear white wherever possible! You’ll want that color to show, right?!

2. Leave your electronics at home! I would suggest not bringing anything but your car key and keep it in a safe place. I used the arm band they sell at the race.

3. If you have light hair it may be colorful for a couple of washes! If you don’t want this to happen, wear a bandanna. That’s what I do!

4. Wear shoes you don’t mind getting colorful and messy! I chose some old white tennis shoes I’ve had for years. I only keep them specifically for these kinds of races. 😀

5. Don’t put the tattoo on your face! Just my advice because it hurts trying to scrub that sucker off.

6. Bring sheets, towels, extra clothing and shoes for after the race! You will be covered in color and it will rub off on your car seats and anything you touch. Be prepared!

7. Bring facial cleansing wipes or paper towels and water! This will be good to wash your hands and face off after the race. Be warned that blue and purple does not come off all the way until you bathe a couple of times. 🙂

8. Buy your ticket EARLY! The price goes up to $55 on race day, so the earlier you buy the cheaper it will be.

The Color Run 2015 Promo Code

Which brings me to my Promo Code! Save $5 now with special promo code: CB1 at checkout on

Hurry because the price goes up April 15th, 2015.



The Color Run is great fun and motivation to get moving. I loved the music, the people, the atmosphere, and that they support charities with part of my registry fee. Sometimes it does rain and it’s a bummer, but it’s still so much fun no matter what! There are also water stations too, so if it’s a super hot day, you’ll have the chance to break and take a sip. The end of the race is fun and filled with photo stations, music, dancing, and fun.

So what do you say? Will YOU be joining me at The Color Run 2015?


Top 15 Songs That Motivate Running

CreativityItches: Top 10 songs to run to


I am not a long distance runner and don’t really plan to be, but I do like running as a cardio exercise. I also like to run 5Ks because it feels like a great accomplishment! After doing the Couch to 5K app, I’ve learned some songs that help motivate me to run faster and harder to improve my timing. Here are just 15 songs (in no particular order) I really enjoy when they play on my iPod while running:

1. Get Ready For This – 2 Unlimited

2. Timber – Pitbull ft. Ke$ha

3. I Wanna Get Better – Bleachers

4. Thrift Shop – Macklemore

5. Bangerang – Skrillex

6. Don’t – Ed Sheeran

7. Harlem – New Politics

8. Reptilia – The Strokes

9. Ways to Go – Grouplove

10. Dangerous – Big Data

11. Come With Me Now – Kongos

12. My Sweet Summer – Dirty Heads

13. Chandelier – Sia

14. Habits (Stay High) – Tove Lo

15. La La La ft. Sam Smith – Naughty Boy


Shut Up and Dance – Walk the Moon

Pups & Pets: Meet Luna Our Rescue Pup

Pups & Pets: Meet Luna Our Rescue Pup

Everyone welcome to the new section of my blog: Pups & Pets! This first post of this new section will be about our newest edition to our family, Luna. We chose the name because #1 the boyfriend wanted her to have a character’s name from a computer game (Dota 2) and #2 I liked that it means “moon” in Latin. It fits her well and she responded to it almost immediately!

Pups & Pets: Meet Luna Our Rescue Pup

Our First Meeting with Luna

My boyfriend and I have wanted to adopt a dog for about a year now. We tried an adult dog with behavior issues, which did not go well and then a puppy, which ended up being way too much work for two people who work 8 hours a day. So, after months of stalking petfinder and a dozen rescue sites in Ohio, I came across a post of Luna (whom they named Whisper) by a shelter. She was described as loving and gentle and good for an elderly couple and I was thinking “That’s our dog!” (I should mention my boyfriend and I are 25 years old haha). A team of people who rescue dogs and put them in foster homes rescued her from the shelter and put her in a prison program before I could get to the shelter to see her, but luckily Randy, the Wet Kisses and Wagging Tails owner, took her out of the program to meet us and then kept her at his home for us until we could officially make her our new family member. They have a great rescue and they are very kind and understanding! I would adopt from them again for sure.

Pups & Pets: Meet Luna Our Rescue Pup

Luna with her Tornado Toy

Two weeks later she’s doing wonderfully with us and with our daily routine. She sleeps most of the day, but LOVES to be outside and exploring. She’s a little timid with loud noises and toys, but we hope she gains confidence as time goes on and learns she’s safe with us and is allowed to have some fun! The only toy we can play with is her food puzzle. I got her the DogTornado Interactive Dog toy and she seems to really love it while getting praise every time she succeeds at finding the food hidden in the compartments. It gets her mind working and is also an entertaining and rewarding experience for her and us! We also make sure she gets a walk in during the day with our dog walking service DogDays Ohio. Justin, the owner is very friendly, understanding, and trustworthy. I love that I can feel at ease that Luna gets some attention, can relieve herself, and gets some exercise while we are at work 8 hours a day. I highly recommend them if you are in the Columbus, Ohio area.

Pups & Pets: Meet Luna Our Rescue Pup

Luna Gazing out the Window

This week we gave her a bath for the first time in our home. She seems to get very shy when she is nervous or does not like something. She was shy and tried to get out of the tub, but afterwards, she seemed so happy to be clean! She really likes to “shake” and she didn’t mind the hair dryer. I hope she will learn that baths are a fun and good experience. The only negative is BOY does she SHED! So much fur everywhere! We have been vacuuming daily. She’s been very itchy with her spay site healing and being shaved, so we hope after she heals and her fur grows back in she will be less itchy. She also had a very bad flea infestation and had patches of hair missing. The fur is growing in and seems to be very itchy too.

Training wise, she’s perfectly potty trained! She does need some leash training, as she likes to pull and gets VERY excited to see other dogs and they get intimidated by her excitement and do not greet her nicely. We are working on that. Tricks she knew before she got to us were “sit” and “lay down” on her bed. Within two weeks I have her doing “sit”, “down”, “up”, “stay”, “night night” (which means go to bed) and working on “heel” and “paw”. She is a fast learner, especially when there are treats and lots of praise involved!!

I’m so glad we found Luna. She is definitely a great pup. Very gentle, loves people, and is so cuddly and soft! I find training sessions fun and rewarding for all of us. I can’t wait to see what all she is capable of!

Pups & Pets: Meet Luna Our Rescue Pup

Happy Luna After Dinner & Treats – Wearing a cone so she doesn’t lick stitches.

Look for some doggie toy, food, treat, and service reviews in the future!

Do you have a rescue dog? Tell me about your experience with him/her in the comments below!


Luna Curled up on the Couch – 11/13/14

Simple Tips to Make Life a Little Easier


Here are my 5 life tips to make life just a little bit easier:

1. Mascara goes on right after your shower.

Simple Tips to Make Life a Little Easier

– The only makeup I wear on a daily basis is mascara. I learned that if you put it on right after a shower, your lashes are soft and still wet and makes putting on mascara a breeze. It avoids clumps and adds moisture if your mascara is starting to dry out.


2. Keep lip balm in every room, travel bag, coat/jacket pocket, and purse.

Simple Tips to Make Life a Little Easier

– I probably have 3 lip balms in my purse, 1 in each of my coats and jackets, and I keep one in my bathroom, bedroom and living room. Call it excessive, but I never have to go far out of my way to moisturize my lips! The only place you shouldn’t keep lip balm is the car. It can melt and cause a mess.


3. Use reminders on your phone.

Simple Tips to Make Life a Little Easier

– I used to use sticky notes, and sometimes still do, but what really keeps me on track is the Reminders on my iPhone. It helps me pay the bills on time, remember appointments, keeps me organized, and helps me be consistent. It makes life a lot easier when you can count on your phone to remind you of important tasks. Just be sure to never forget the phone wherever you go and keep it charged! 🙂


4. Always carry cash with you.

Simple Tips to Make Life a Little Easier

– Yeah, credit cards and debit cards are quick and easy, but that just means it’s easier to go over your budget (if you don’t have a budget you probably should). I’ve found that carrying cash is the best way to SAVE money. Only allow yourself to use what’s in your wallet each week (I usually do about $40 a week including weekends). It will make life easier by not stressing about knowing how much you can or cannot spend without going broke. Plan ahead.


5. Keep a pair of flip flops in your car.

Simple Tips to Make Life a Little Easier

– I wear dress shoes or closed toe shoes to work because it’s cold in the office with the air conditioning blasting all day. When I get outside though, it’s boiling hot in the summer. My advice is to always keep a pair of flip flops under the seat or in the trunk just in case you need them. Recently I needed them when I got a pedicure! Same goes for a pair of tennis shoes, but that is only because I like to walk on my lunch breaks or in case I get a moment to work out on the go! 🙂


Signs of Spring Photography Collection 4/13/14

It was such a beautiful day in Ohio on April 13th, 2014. Today, however, it is snowing and 30 degrees. I decided I’d post some photos that I took on Sunday the 13th to remind everyone that Spring is still here under all the snow! (The pigeons are my dad’s homing pigeons that he races)

All photos taken in customized Manual mode with my Canon EOS Rebel T3i.


More Spring photos from 4/17/14

Pros and Cons of Not Looking My Age

I’ve been told my entire life “You look SO young!” and then a follow up with “You’ll love it when you’re older”. Well, I’m 25 now and I still do not like being told I look like a child. It’s a curse and a blessing because it has taught me about respecting others despite their appearance, but, on the other hand, it is extremely annoying that others don’t respect me because of my looks. I decided a couple years ago I would not let it bother me anymore and just take it as a compliment and enjoy it. One day all those people will probably be right and I will like it when I’m older.

Pros and Cons of Not Looking My Age

I look very young due to being only 5’0″ tall, I’m blonde with blue eyes, and have a very fair skin tone.  The oldest I’ve ever been told I look within the past 5 years was 18 and the youngest, 11. On average though, people assume I’m in my early teens. Here I will talk about the pros and cons of being short and looking so much younger than my actual age. I’m sure there are some of you who can relate!

Pros and Cons of Not Looking My Age

5K race 2013

CON: I can’t wear braids in my hair or a pony tail because that knocks off another 5 years.

PRO: Being small is great when traveling because I get tons of leg room no matter where I sit!

CON: I get handed kids’ menus at restaurants.

Pros and Cons of Not Looking My Age

I got that shirt for like $3

PRO: I can buy smaller clothes, which = less money and less laundry!

CON: My pants are never the right length.

Pros and Cons of Not Looking My Age

Hiking 2013

PRO: I will look 10 years younger than I am for probably the rest of my life!

CON: I can never reach anything, but I’m pretty good at climbing!

Wearing heels and I'm still short!

Wearing heels and I’m still short!

PRO: Wearing heels is never a problem because I will never look too tall.

CON: I get carded for buying alcohol… and getting into R rated movies.

Pros and Cons of Not Looking My Age

Christmas 2013

PRO: I get to brag about how lucky I am to those who look much older than they are.

CON: If I gain 5 lbs it’s definitely noticeable.

Pros and Cons of Not Looking My Age

Me and my 2012 Honda Fit!

PRO: I fit very comfortably in compact vehicles!

Pros and Cons of Not Looking My Age

Concert 2013

CON: I can never see at concerts because everyone stands in front of me.

PRO: I don’t need a lot of space and I don’t take up very much either.

Christmas 2013 with makeup

Christmas 2013 with makeup

CON: Wearing makeup makes me look like I’m TRYING to be older.

PRO: When I talk, people immediately change their minds about how old they think I am. Good thing I am intelligent! 😛

Drew and I 2013

Drew and I 2013

CON: I’m a lot shorter than most guys and almost a foot shorter than my boyfriend.

Pros and Cons of Not Looking My Age

No Makeup

PRO: I don’t need makeup cover up, blush or wrinkle cream to try and look younger.

CON: I get stared at when I am in grocery stores, shopping malls, movie theaters (when I go alone), restaurants, while driving, etc. etc. etc. I assume because I’m so hot, but really I think it’s because they are all thinking “Why is that child alone?!”.

Pros and Cons of Not Looking My Age

PRO: I feel comfortable being silly in public. Sometimes I just think I have a right of passage to act younger if I look it!

No one ever thinks I'm an adult when I work shows

No one ever thinks I’m an adult when I work shows

CON: People are hesitant to hire me because of my youthful looks. Especially if I have to communicate with clients or customers.

Pros and Cons of Not Looking My Age

Me and my mom 2012

PRO: My siblings and parents look much younger than they are as well, so I always can say it’s because of my genetics and prove it.

CON: The visor does not block the sun at all while I’m driving. Prescription sunglasses FTW.

PRO: No matter what people say or think, I never would want to change who I am. I’m pretty comfortable in my skin and rarely take anything anyone says about my looks to heart.

Pros and Cons of Not Looking My Age

Me with my niece (9) and nephew (8).

CON: When I’m around children, people most definitely assume I am a child as well. Hence why I am not a teacher.

PRO: I’ve learned to respect others despite their looks.

Pros and Cons of Not Looking My Age

Me 2014

It was much harder to think of pros than cons, but I honestly could say that being youthful in appearance and size has made me who I am today. I wouldn’t change a thing. Being small and looking young is a part of who I am and I’ve learned to embrace it! If you look younger than you are too, my advice is to not let it get in the way of your goals, your dreams and your relationships. Prove to the world you are not just a young looking person, you are powerful, intelligent and just as “big” as any other person on this planet.