Review: LipSense Lipsticks and Glosses

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Let me take you on my journey of learning all about LipSense. I was invited to a FaceBook party and learned so much about the products! I’ve heard of them before, but never tried them. I was curious and stuck around for the party and won 10% off on one of the games we played. I bought the starter kit, which comes with one color, Oops Remover, and Glossy Gloss, and now I have 4 colors and 4 glosses! Needless to say, I have become a big fan of LipSense in the few short weeks of using my colors and glosses.

The starter kit costs $55 and it’s recommended you get the Glossy Gloss, which is a clear moisturizing lip gloss, to seal in the product. I was skeptical at first, because I wanted to start with the Matte Gloss, but after my initial experience using the product, Glossy Gloss is so moisturizing and soothing. You will need this during your first experience with the product and to seal whichever colors you choose. The Oops Remover is great to fix mistakes or removing the product before it wears off. It usually lasts 10 hours for me, but some ladies have had it last up to 18 hours!

Your lips will go through an exfoliating process. I was pretty upset at first because my lips started to peel in large sections after using the product for the first time! It was kind of like shedding all of the dead skin, old lip balm, and residue. After this happened my lips were soft, smooth, and felt healthier than before! I do notice my lips exfoliate every 3-4 days, but way less intrusive as the first time. I make sure to moisturize with the Glossy Gloss or their Lip Balm every time I remove the product to lessen the severity of exfoliation and to keep my lips soft and smooth.

My first color was Praline Rose. Usually, people choose a safe neutral as their first color. This was the perfect shade for me and I wore it almost everyday until I got more colors! I now have Praline Rose, Napa, Glam Doll, and Honey Rose, which has quickly become my favorite of the four. The glosses I have are Glossy Gloss, Matte Gloss, Sand Gloss, and Bougainvillea Gloss. I use the Glossy Gloss first on top of the color to seal and then add on the other glosses after I let it set for a few minutes. I even do combos now using different colors for each layer to create whole new colors! It’s so much fun to experiment.

My favorite part of the whole experience, however, is the community around LipSense and GeneSence. The group I belong to is so kind and uplifting! I love the conversations and seeing others share their color combos and makeup looks. I plan to stay active in the group even though I may not purchase as frequently as I’d like. It’s fun to be part of the LipSense community. If you are interested in joining Jennifer’s group that I belong to click here! She’s super helpful and kind hearted!

To join me for my LipSense FaceBook party, click here! Play games, win prizes, win special deals, and get started on your own LipSense journey! But hurry! It’s only going on December 5th, 2017!

Do you love LipSense? Share your photos in the comments below!

P.S. I am not sponsored or a distributor. Just a happy customer!


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