Review: BarkBox October 2017

My readers that have been with me for a while know we used to have an adorable pup that we rescued named Luna. She passed away in January 2016 and it was sudden and one of the worst days of our lives. Fortunately, we were able to realize that rescuing more pups was better than not living with another dog ever again. Which leads me to introduce our new pup, Felix!

I loved spoiling Luna, but she didn’t like toys at all and had no interest in a lot of things that you buy to spoil your dog. Felix on the other hand LOVES toys and is so spunky and is incredibly easy to spoil! I’ve heard of BarkBox before, but never had a dog that would benefit from it. Now I do! So I decided to sign up for a 6 month subscription to try it out.

Felix’s first box is the October 2017 box, which is Halloween themed. The theme this month is House of Horrors. I love this theme because dogs are terrified of the silliest of things! The box came with a card that describes the theme and some of the toys and we also got a welcome card since it is our first box. (P.S. I accidentally ripped the themed one!)

The first toy is the “Rain of Terror” that comes with a crinkly plush rain cloud and inside, much to my surprise, was two rain drops. Adorable! Felix very much enjoyed thrashing the cloud around and squeaking the rain drops. Felix loves hide and seek toys so this is perfect!

The second toy is the “Count Vaccula” that is a vacuum plush with two squeakers and a nylon plastic center part for chewing. Felix loved this toy and the chew part! He is a destroyer so I don’t see the toys lasting long, but he will definitely enjoy this one.

The first treat is the Spooky Treats that are made with pork and cheese. They are shaped like donuts and they smell like BBQ to me. Felix went nuts over these and even tried getting back into the box after I closed it to get these. I like that they are small so I can give him 2 or three a day. The only thing I don’t like is the crude protein percent. There’s only 6% and usually you want something with more than 14% crude protein.

The second treat is the Zombie Crunch, which is also a pork product. It is very crunchy and Felix seems to enjoy that factor. I am very pleased that these have only one ingredient and are 36% crude protein. They look like strips of skin which is fitting for the theme! I have been breaking them in tiny pieces and only giving Felix a couple per day.

The chew in this box is a pig ear. I haven’t given Felix a pig ear yet, but he is a heavy chewer so I’m interested in seeing how well he handles this chew. It’s thinner than the bones we have for him. I’ll keep this one aside for a special time where we can closely monitor him, since I’m always afraid of him swallowing too much at once with these types of treats.

BarkBox allows you to choose how long you’d like to be receiving the boxes and of course the longer you subscribe the cheaper the boxes. 12 months will cost $21 per box, 6 months will cost $25 per box, and a single box purchase is $29. All orders come with free shipping, but in certain states, including Ohio, will need to pay tax on top of the price. When I signed up they were offering a free box with any 6 or 12 month subscription.

I also saw their Facebook live video after ordering that day and they said if you ordered that day you got signed up for the Extra Toy Club! I used the chat on their website to talk to customer service and they were SUPER kind and I loved all of their dog puns. They let me sign up for the extra toy club for free with the offer even though I had already ordered! They couldn’t send me a Halloween themed one since my box was already prepared to ship, so they send us a Barry the Blowfish toy! Very pleased with the customer service experience.

P.S. You can get a free each month too for FREE if you order by tonight! Hurry!

I just read they have a “Super Chewer” box option as well and we asked for the next box to be toys that will last longer with dogs who love to destroy! The toys he got in this box lasted about a day. The good news is we joined Felix in the Destroyers Club where we upload photos of him with his destroyed toys and we get points and money added to our account which go towards more toys to destroy! It’s the perfect program and makes me less sad that he destroys everything we boy him. You can sign up for the Destroyers Club through the Bark Shop site. #DestroyersClub

Overall, Felix and I are very pleased with this subscription box and can’t wait for more fun themes. We are so happy we added Felix to our family and are able to have fun and participate in BarkBox and the Destroyers Club.

Want to try BarkBox? Get a free box with Felix’s link! He’ll get a free box too or we will donate a box to a shelter3! Click here. Or go to

Follow Felix on Instagram! @thefelixpup

Do you have BarkBox already? Is your dog a destroyer? Comment below!


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