Review: MONQ® Personal Essential Oil Diffusers

Many of you, like me, have seen these advertised all over social media. They are the MONQ® personal essential oil diffusers. I contemplated for months if I should give these a try, but it seemed like a weird concept to me. As of recently, life got a bit more stressful and I needed more ways to meditate or relax and natural ways to de-stress. I took the plunge and ordered four of the MONQ® diffusers.

They have a deal where you order 4 for $69, which is a better deal than ordering them at $20 each. I also used the promo code TRYMONQ which gave me 10% off and free shipping on $60 or more. So, I decided to try Healthy, Happy, Active, and Zen. I liked the essential oils listed on these and that they were the feelings I was most wanting from the diffusers. Others, that I may try in the future, are Sexy, Sleepy, and Vibrant. Their Nature diffusers are new and they are supposed make you feel like you are in a location of relaxation such as Ocean, Forest, and Mountain. They all intrigue me, but I’m only going to review the 4 I purchased in this particular blog post.


My initial reaction was that it was a very different experience! You have to kind of breathe in through your nose but suck in the vapor and hold it in your mouth until you breathe out your nose with it. Be sure to empty your mouth while breathing out to get all of the vapor. When you exhale through your nose as opposed to your mouth, molecules pass the olfactory nerve endings in your upper nasal passageway. This action is the first step to noticeable therapeutic effects. It was interesting that I could taste the flavor and feel it instantly make me feel the oils. I also thought it was neat that it lights up on the end, but only knew it did this because I took a video of myself, so you can’t really see it much as you use it. I think this feature is to show if you’ve run out of oils if it doesn’t light up anymore or if the light comes on the diffuser is working. To learn more about how the diffusers work click here.

Healthy MONQ® – I’ve been using this diffuser once a day for a week and have really enjoyed the flavor. The main essential oils are cinnamon, known for immune support, turmeric, known for anti inflammatory effects, and marjoram, known for antiviral effects. I don’t get an immediate feeling of healthiness, but more of a shock to the system from the aroma of the oils. I just felt like I could breathe a little easier, especially during high allergy days.

Happy MONQ® – I have used this diffuser the least within the past week. I really liked the flavor. The main essential oils are vanilla, known as an antidepressant, thyme, known for energy boost, and fennel, known to give a feeling of being grounded. I do feel down at least once a day and I tried this diffuser to boost my mood. I think the benefit of using this one was to just take a moment to breathe and reflect, so it was a great diffuser for meditation. However, this one did make me sneeze and I’m not exactly sure why, but that is the reason I haven’t used it as much as the others.

Active MONQ® – I have used this diffuser a few times in the past week. The flavor is citrusy and light. The main essential oils are orange, known for anti-inflammatory, sage, known for stimulating the brain and nervous system, and black pepper, known to encourage blood circulation and can relieve muscle aches and pains. I used this before workouts and I really think it helped boost my energy after a long day at work to get through my workout. This is probably the diffuser I’d probably continue to buy since I really enjoyed the flavor and effect it gave me.

Zen MONQ® – I have used this diffuser the most out of all the blends in the past week. The main essential oils are orange, known to be an antidepressant, ylang ylang, known to promote relaxation, and frankincense, known as a stress reliever. I used this during times of stress and anxiety at work, at home, and in the car. This inhaler helped give me a sense of clarity and helped me regain control of my emotions and feelings during times where I would normally be irrationally emotional and anxious. The flavor is strong and reminds me of a health food store smell, but was very effective for me. This is the other diffuser I could see me ordering again since it has helped. I did notice during intense stress it took 4-5 inhales to feel fully calm and collected.

Overall, I have enjoyed my experience with these personal essential oil diffusers. I can’t say I would buy all of them again, but Active and Zen have definitely been the most beneficial to me. I think you have to be sure to use these properly and allow the oils to take effect. They are all great for taking time out of the day to just breathe and meditate, no matter the effects of the actual oils. I have come to reach for my diffusers at certain times and they have become a part of my daily routine.

A bonus to these are that they are recyclable. You just send the empty diffusers back to MONQ® with a free shipping label! Click here to learn more.

For more information on these products and to learn more about MONQ® and their transparency on quality, safety, and ingredients, visit They have all the information you need to answer your questions and I found their website very informative and reassuring.

So, have you tried MONQ®? What are your thoughts on all of their diffusers? If you haven’t tried them yet, which ones are you most interested in?



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