Review: LulaRoe Clothing (Leggings and Irmas)

LuLaRoe Clothing Product Review

I was introduced to LuLaRoe by a friend at work. She added me to a seller’s Facebook group and I decided to give them a try, since my friend let me feel how soft the leggings were. They seemed really comfortable and like silk, but thicker material. My first purchase happened to be size Tween leggings that was paired with an Irma top (size XXS) for a bundle deal to save $3. I did not pay shipping since my friend knew the seller and she picked them up for me!

First LulaRoe Outfit

I am a size 2 pant, XS shirt, and 5’0″ tall, so the Tween leggings fit pretty well on me length wise and waist wise. They are a bit tight, but they are so stretchy I barely notice. They say the shirts run a size big, and I can see how that would be since a XXS was still pretty large! It was ok though, since I wanted it to be loose over the leggings. I really enjoyed pairing the leggings with oversized sweaters as well. I’ve also worn the shirt with jeans or black leggings. The shirt is not as soft as the leggings, just a regular cotton feel, but still very comfortable. I love all the leggings I see my friend wearing. I would probably not wear them to work if she didn’t do so as well!


I have worn these leggings many times, but I think my one mistake is that I put them in the dryer. The softness has seemed to fade a bit and they have shrunk a little, but not drastically noticeable. I would recommend leaving these out to dry flat. There are instructions given when you purchase these leggings and I will follow them from now on! Care directions for all LuLaRoe clothing are as follows:

LuLaRoe Care Instructions

LuLaRoe Leggings Review

That same friend happened to give me another pair, which I love, for my birthday! These are One Size fits all (OS) and fit much more loosely and comfortably than the Tween. They are still tight at the waist, but I feel that there is much more room in the legs and butt of the leggings with OS compared to Tween. The above photo is after a couple of washes (Tween size on right). I pair all of my leggings with flats or boots, which seem to be the best with this fashion trend.

LuLaRoe Leggings Review  LuLaRoe Clothing Review

My second LuLaRoe purchase was recent and I’ve seen pop up parties posted ALL the time now! They are really gaining popularity. It was a pop up shop that was open for 24 hours and you have to say “SOLD” on the clothing items you want (along with any other seller instructions, such as adding your email address and or zip code). The items can be found in their album folders on the event or group page. This party had “free” shipping, but it was just automatically in the price of each item. For instance, my first seller did not include shipping, since she allowed buyers to meet her instead of having to pay for shipping. This was very nice, but some sellers are too far, so having shipping automatically in the pricing was also helpful when purchasing from my second seller. I received my items within 3 business days! This will depend on the seller, of course.

Overall, I really love the quality of these clothing items. They are rather pricey ($20+ for leggings and $30+ for tops), but the patterns are one of a kind and run out quickly. I really enjoy going to all of the pop up parties on Facebook, even if it is to just look at the most recent patterns. I even got my sister hooked on these lovely leggings! 🙂

So, what do you think about the new crazy pattern trend? Do you own any LuLaRoe clothing? Do you sell? How has your experience with them been? Comment below or comment on my Facebook page!



33 thoughts on “Review: LulaRoe Clothing (Leggings and Irmas)

  1. I don’t know if it’s just me, but the leggings seem to rip very easily. I find that they also fade in color quickly also. Wish they were made with material that lasted longer! Don’t think I will be purchasing another pair. Too bad cause they are so cute.

    • Linden I am a consultant and I can tell you that this was an issue LLR was having with the factories and is being resolved! I bought 4 pair of leggings before selling and none of mine have ripped or worn. Then I on boarded and began selling and I had to deal with a few customers returning them because of holes! As a consultant, I apologize, exchange them and ship them free! I understand your frustration and I do hope you will give LuLaRoe another try. If you decide to, I’ll give you $5 off a purchase from me and excellent personal service! Look for me on Facebook LuLaRoe Danielle Ladd!

      • I have had quite a few pair of LLR Leggings. Some are great and I have worn them many times. Then a few pair fell apart after only a few hours wearing. I exchanged them and had the same issue. (Same pattern, same consultant.) At this point, 4 of the 10 pair I’ve had have fallen apart. I’m very disappointed. I won’t ever buy them again.

  2. Thanks for this review! I shopped at my first party last night and I too am pretty small and bought myself 2 tween leggings and one OS and think now it was the right choice. I wear a 0 or 2 in pants and an XS in shirts 🙂

    • Hello. I have a question.
      I’m 5’1 and 110lbs, pants size is 0 or 2. I thought OS might be too long for me so only have Tweens. Isnt OS too long for you? How different Tween and OS for lengthwise. Plz advise!!

  3. Such terrible quality! I’ve had no luck with any items. Seams falling apart, pilling after one (cold, delicate) wash and hang dry! The feel of the fabric itself is also very off putting to me- they ended up feeling so cheap and not soft or cut well like they appeared online. And returns are a nightmare- basically you’re out of luck if the item is torn/mishapen out of the box or even the wrong size. Ugh. I do not recommend.

    • PIIERO I’m sorry to hear you had such a terrible experience with LuLaRoe! Our clothing is made with a variety of fabric types, all with different feels! The return policy is up to the consultant and I’m also sorry that you had a poor experience with your consultant. I assure you that if you were to give LuLaRoe a chance again, you will get exceptional personal service from me. If you decide to try again, I’ll give you $5 off too! Check out my Facebook page! LuLaRoe Danielle Ladd

  4. The shopping process seems confusing to me. You have to sign up for “online parties” with different people to see who has want you want. I was only looking for an Amelia dress. Before I bought it I knew that I could only get store credit. It seemed kind of expensive but it looked cute. I had to return the dress since the waistline was to high for me. The fabric was good. Now i have 3 cheap looking black leggins. The prints are too crazy for me!. Fabric looks different from the dress. I will not let my daughter wear this unless she has a long shirt. Not happy with the product. I erased all the consultants I had to sign up with on Facebook. Done with Lularoe!!

    • ZENA I am so sorry you had such a horrible experience! The buying process IS totally confusing and when I was just a customer still I hated it! Some customers enjoy the crazy online stuff, not me. Now that I am a consultant, I recommend to everyone to buy in person! Feel the fabric, make sure it fits, etc! Short of that being possible, find a good consultant. I would have never let you get stuck with 3 pair of leggings if that’s not what you wanted. I think that the Nicole dress might be a better choice for you because the waistline is lower. Some customers say it’s too low! It all depends on your body. There is a LuLa style for everyone but not everyone can wear every style! Randy’s for example look awful on me. If you take the time to find me on Facebook, I’d like I mail you a free Nicole!

  5. The above photo depicting fabric care directions has some falsextra – or at least misleading – information. The bottom statement within that picture mentions cotton. The vast majority of LulaRoe items are mostly polyester with spandex. I don’t think I’ve even seen anything with cotton content. As fun as some of these products look, this fabric content would be bad for naturally hot or sweaty people. Wish there were quality cotton or cotton blend pieces.

  6. Do these legging come In a 2 pack of the same print? My shipment has not arrived but the invoice made me think they were a 2 pack??

  7. I refuse to buy any more leggings due to the terrible quality issue. They are not even lasting a year! Holes, runs, and such a shame.

  8. I went to a Lularoe party and was kind of taken aback at how the tacky the clothes were. I ended up buying a black top because it was the least tacky thing there. I bought it because I felt like I had to buy something. It wasn’t inexpensive. $35 for the shirt which of course I didn’t know until I had already committed to buying it. Also these clothes are made for women who have a big tummy and no breasts. I am pretty much backward from this so the shirt fits like a pregnancy shirt. I know this is a new craze but seriously folks, don’t give in and please, please, don’t wear leggings in public unless they are under a dress.

    • I’m 6 mos pregnant and sooo tired of maternity britches. Had a wardrobe emergency this past weekend at a friend’s and ended up borrowing a pair of her LuLu leggings. It was Love at first try. I have to give them back, but have ordered a pair of my own off FB. Hopefully I’ll be able to find a shirt made in that same buttery goodness material to match the sassy print. Maybe some prints are a little wild for me, but I adore my bicycles and can’t wait to pair them and wear them!

  9. The prints are very cute but that is really the only plus I see of this brand right now 😦 Recently a co-worker got me hooked on buying them. I wish I would have waited until I got my first pair in the mail to continue buying because I wouldn’t have bought more. Within AN HOUR of wearing my first pair the seam had completely ripped in the crotch. My second and third pair had small holes in the legs at first wear too. I usually buy cheap leggings and they have lasted years compare to Lularoe which is much more expensive. I do have one pair that I received last that don’t have any issues (yet). They have also been worn once. Supposedly the issue is being fixed with the manufacturers but how are consumers supposed to know which leggings are still effected :/ Just my opinion. I know a few girls who haven’t had any problems with theirs so maybe I just have bad luck.

  10. I bought several pair of leggings. One pair ripped like Swiss cheese in the butt after being worn twice. I washed them inside out, in cold water, hung to dry, and the second time out they ripped, while I was out in public. How embarrassing! I contacted my LLR consultant, and I am out of luck. $25 for a pair of leggings that I didn’t even get two wears out of. I’m disgusted, disheartened, disillusioned, and extremely disappointed. I know now to never buy another pair of LLR leggings!!!

    • I’m having the same problems! I’ve worn about 10 different oppairs now and 3 of the 10 have ripped in multiple places! This happened to me at work too! Disappointed…

  11. So far I have only bought the leggings, I wore them once & only on a lazy Sunday, they had holes in them! I was about to wash them & found 4 small holes in the butt! I thought they felt delicate so when I put them in I put them on like panty hose. Not good for $25 dollar leggings. I buy cheap grocery store legging & have never had a problem. LuLaRoe needs to fix this or sell these for way way less

  12. While I love most of the shirts and skirts, the leggings are just not for me. This is the third pair I have gotten that are holey. Super disappointing.

  13. I have had issues with at least two consultants putting items up for sale. I was the first to comment cold or claim on ship the roe. Just to have them claim they shouldn’t have listed them bc they were already sold. Sold to the person who claimed after me whom they knew. I found out after pm and waiting a few days. Also I had one consultant who sold me a pair of Halloween leggings. A Very,well an impossible to get pair to have the woman after me beg and beg to get the leggings. At least 7 comments of can I get them did I get them. What do I have to do. I don’t know what she did, but the consultant never sent me the invoice or returned a pm. It is very hard to get help with sizing also. I wanted to buy a Amelia or Julia no luck with the sizing help. I’m about to stop buying altogether and just go to the mall for my clothes or I can hold the item I am buying and will receive it. And get help with sizes and try them on. Sad bc I really liked Lularoe 😑

  14. I’m 5′ 1/2- 5′ 2″ abt 100 lbs i generally wear a size 2 as well, do you think they would fit me or be too short? I also have a daughter slightly taller than me who wears a size 0 so i was going to get her a tween pair but don’t want them to be short on her either…

  15. Mine completely fell apart…leggings …within an hour of putting them on…little flaws over the entirety of them formed huge holes as I was sitting still on the sofa watching a movie. Thank God I didn’t leave the house in them before I found out. It was so bad that the mere fact of walking from sofa to bathroom left one entire leg disconnected from the rest of the leggings except for the inside seam. I could literally take those leggings and pull them apart like a loose cotton ball after I took them off and there were holes EVERYWHERE in them.

    • This has happened to me too! I’ve had 3 pairs literally fall apart while I was wearing them. I had run home to change pants, it was so bad. Very disappointing for the price, and they don’t seem to be fixing the problem.

    • Same here! I put them on sat on the couch, when I got up to grab something 3 giant holes right in the butt and more starting. I literally didn’t even wear them for an hour. What a complete waste of money.

  16. I’ve been having the same problems as the women in the above comments. I’ve had multiple pairs ripping out on me after 1 wash or less. I love the clothing and feeling of most fabrics but have had multiple problems with the leggings over the past weeks. I’m following the care guides and still having issues. I must say my consultants have been quite helpful to exchange them but in my opinion the leggings need some attention by manufacturers. I have had my biggest issues with those manufactured in Vietnam.

  17. I absolutely loved my first several pairs of leggings and had no issues. But now the last three pairs I have bought have fallen apart the very first wear and they have never been washed. I can’t trust these leggings out in public anymore unless I want to risk them exposing everything. My consultant will exchange but no refunds. I am never buying lularoe again. My $5 walmart leggings have lasted four times as long.

  18. I bought 3 pair of leggings. A friend of mine had a pair of her leggings rip at church. We got a real laugh out of it, but she was able to exchange them and get a new chair. It must be just a fluke? Then, I had a pair of mine split in the behind area that I had worn for the 2nd time. I won’t be buying anymore.

  19. I’ve had 4 pair to rip on me I wish I’d done some more research before buying them. Luckily my consultant is great and has replaced them all but I don’t think I’ll buy anymore.

  20. My black pair is fading and turning everything blue!!! I thought it had subsided after I washed them but I took a short nap and woke up to find they turned my very nice cream colored bedspread blue! I’ve never had this happen with a piece of clothing. So disappointed in the quality!

  21. I have loved my Lularoe. I’m sad to read so many complaints of holes and tears as I have bought over 20 pairs and have washed them many times and they have never ripped. I have even put mine in the dryer and have had no issues. I find them to be ver comfortable and love that finally found some adorable tops to wear with leggings in general, as it has been hard for me to find.

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