Pups & Pets: Meet Luna Our Rescue Pup

Pups & Pets: Meet Luna Our Rescue Pup

Everyone welcome to the new section of my blog: Pups & Pets! This first post of this new section will be about our newest edition to our family, Luna. We chose the name because #1 the boyfriend wanted her to have a character’s name from a computer game (Dota 2) and #2 I liked that it means “moon” in Latin. It fits her well and she responded to it almost immediately!

Pups & Pets: Meet Luna Our Rescue Pup

Our First Meeting with Luna

My boyfriend and I have wanted to adopt a dog for about a year now. We tried an adult dog with behavior issues, which did not go well and then a puppy, which ended up being way too much work for two people who work 8 hours a day. So, after months of stalking petfinder and a dozen rescue sites in Ohio, I came across a post of Luna (whom they named Whisper) by a shelter. She was described as loving and gentle and good for an elderly couple and I was thinking “That’s our dog!” (I should mention my boyfriend and I are 25 years old haha). A team of people who rescue dogs and put them in foster homes rescued her from the shelter and put her in a prison program before I could get to the shelter to see her, but luckily Randy, the Wet Kisses and Wagging Tails owner, took her out of the program to meet us and then kept her at his home for us until we could officially make her our new family member. They have a great rescue and they are very kind and understanding! I would adopt from them again for sure.

Pups & Pets: Meet Luna Our Rescue Pup

Luna with her Tornado Toy

Two weeks later she’s doing wonderfully with us and with our daily routine. She sleeps most of the day, but LOVES to be outside and exploring. She’s a little timid with loud noises and toys, but we hope she gains confidence as time goes on and learns she’s safe with us and is allowed to have some fun! The only toy we can play with is her food puzzle. I got her the DogTornado Interactive Dog toy and she seems to really love it while getting praise every time she succeeds at finding the food hidden in the compartments. It gets her mind working and is also an entertaining and rewarding experience for her and us! We also make sure she gets a walk in during the day with our dog walking service DogDays Ohio. Justin, the owner is very friendly, understanding, and trustworthy. I love that I can feel at ease that Luna gets some attention, can relieve herself, and gets some exercise while we are at work 8 hours a day. I highly recommend them if you are in the Columbus, Ohio area.

Pups & Pets: Meet Luna Our Rescue Pup

Luna Gazing out the Window

This week we gave her a bath for the first time in our home. She seems to get very shy when she is nervous or does not like something. She was shy and tried to get out of the tub, but afterwards, she seemed so happy to be clean! She really likes to “shake” and she didn’t mind the hair dryer. I hope she will learn that baths are a fun and good experience. The only negative is BOY does she SHED! So much fur everywhere! We have been vacuuming daily. She’s been very itchy with her spay site healing and being shaved, so we hope after she heals and her fur grows back in she will be less itchy. She also had a very bad flea infestation and had patches of hair missing. The fur is growing in and seems to be very itchy too.

Training wise, she’s perfectly potty trained! She does need some leash training, as she likes to pull and gets VERY excited to see other dogs and they get intimidated by her excitement and do not greet her nicely. We are working on that. Tricks she knew before she got to us were “sit” and “lay down” on her bed. Within two weeks I have her doing “sit”, “down”, “up”, “stay”, “night night” (which means go to bed) and working on “heel” and “paw”. She is a fast learner, especially when there are treats and lots of praise involved!!

I’m so glad we found Luna. She is definitely a great pup. Very gentle, loves people, and is so cuddly and soft! I find training sessions fun and rewarding for all of us. I can’t wait to see what all she is capable of!

Pups & Pets: Meet Luna Our Rescue Pup

Happy Luna After Dinner & Treats – Wearing a cone so she doesn’t lick stitches.

Look for some doggie toy, food, treat, and service reviews in the future!

Do you have a rescue dog? Tell me about your experience with him/her in the comments below!


Luna Curled up on the Couch – 11/13/14

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