Review: TAZO Chai Tea Bags

Review: TAZO Chai Tea Bags

Last year I had discovered Chai tea and fell in love with this flavorful hot beverage that was refreshing and delicious. Since then, I have tried several brands of Chai tea and Chai tea lattes. In this blog I will be reviewing TAZO’s Chai Vanilla Caramel thanks to and providing these samples. Even though I was given this product to review, my opinions are my own.

What’s great about TAZO is that they are honest about where they get all of their ingredients. They also use a lot of organic ingredients as well for some of their teas. Their Chai Tea is available as tea bags or in liquid concentrates. Each TAZO Chai flavor is its own unique blend with an individual taste profile. Not only do you get the benefits of green or black tea, you get the benefits of the spices as well. It’s also nice that they are not sweetened. I think this tea is so flavorful it doesn’t need anything added!

The TAZO Vanilla Caramel Chai Tea has a light spicy flavor with a small hint of vanilla and caramel. I used hot water and added the tea bag to be pleasantly surprised by the scent. It smells wonderful in the bag itself, but adding it to water made it fill the room. It was a great experience for the senses. They offer instructions on the back of the bags. Use 8 oz of hot water and let seep for 5 minutes. I let it seep for about 2 or 3, as I usually do not like my tea very strong. They have these instructions the same for the three tea bags I was given.

Review: TAZO Chai Tea Bags

I could see adding in some milk or a little sugar to make it creamier and sweeter so it’s more of a dessert or treat. I may try this next time I have a cup. Overall, I love this company and their products. I have gotten Chai Tea Lattes from Starbucks and this is their tea brand. I knew I couldn’t go wrong with them, but was hesitant about just having a tea bag rather than having cream, milk, sugar, etc. added like they do at Starbucks. I was very happy with the light, refreshing, perfectly blended flavor!


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Winner of Tazo Chai Tea

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8 thoughts on “Review: TAZO Chai Tea Bags

  1. These teas sound yummy! I would like to try the vanilla caramel or strawberry. I drink tea quite a bit and I would love to find a tea that didn’t require adding sugar to make it taste better!

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