Review: Twice – Online Brand-Name Used Clothing Shop

Twice Clothing Review

***UPDATE: 07/21/2015 – Twice is no longer going to sell on their website. They are switching to eBay Valet. This is affective immediately, but to clear inventory they will be having sales. Right now it’s 30% off. They will not buy anything from now on though. I’m sad to see them go, but if it is the best choice for them, than they should move their store to eBay. Regardless, here is my review of the online store as it was:


I decided that I wanted to shop at used clothing stores to help the environment and also get some really good deals on brand name clothing. I searched for places locally, such as Plato’s Closet and Goodwill, but they were so few and far between. Google Ad words must have tracked my searching, because a day later I saw an ad for Twice! It’s an online consignment store that sells brand name, gently used clothing and handbags. I was more than excited and started shopping instantly!

For $10 store credit click here to make a purchase!

Twice Clothing Review Shirts

The website is fairly easy to navigate. You can search by size, color, category, price, popularity, and brand name. The only issue I saw here is that you cannot be as specific while looking through the new and clearance sections, which don’t allow you to select a color or certain categories. Be aware that “FINAL SALE” means the items cannot be returned.

Twice Clothing Review New Items

After making about 4 purchases, because I kept finding 50% off purchase coupons on Facebook (I have a slight shopping addiction), I decided to wait for my first package to see if the clothes really did come in good condition. They were used after all! But, when my package arrived I was ecstatic. The box was sort of small and very heavy. It came priority mail from California, so it took about a week or so to get to me in Ohio. So, shipping is quite slow, and I didn’t see an option for faster shipping, but I wouldn’t want to pay for it anyways. They give free shipping to purchases over $49 and they have a flat rate of $4.95 shipping if you don’t want to spend over $49.

The clothes were sealed in plastic bags that I had to rip open. It was like they were brand new all sealed tight. I opened the first item and was so happy to see it was in great condition! Only complaint is every item was very wrinkled, but nothing 10 minutes in the dryer couldn’t fix. I tried them all on instantly. They smelled nice and clean. I was very pleased with all but 3 shirts, which were a little too big. (Sorry for some poor quality pics, I was in a hurry!)

I mixed and matched a couple of my items to show some ways I plan to wear them. I didn’t own any high end brand name clothes until now! I feel so fashionable and I barely spent $100! I am definitely going to be a returning customer.. maybe TOO often. Their tagline says it all “The best way to get the brands you love at prices you can’t resist.” I got a Talbots cashmere sweater ($127 retail value) for about $11. That’s incredible!

Twice Brand-Name Used Online Clothing Store

Overall, I really had a good experience with them. After looking at several online used clothing shops, this one seemed to be the nicest. I do plan on returning the three shirts that are too large (I have 30 days to return). They require the Twice tags to still be on them and also charge $4.95 to ship back to them. I will update you on my experience with that as well as selling to them when I get the chance. Be on the lookout for coupons and download their mobile app to get $10 in store credit! Also, if you follow this link you will get ANOTHER $10 credit and $10 credit when you sell items! (be sure to confirm your email address before shopping)

The best thing is they are always providing extra savings all over the web, so keep an eye out before you buy! Follow them on Facebook, because that is where I always see the 50% off coupons. Or watch this video for 25% off. The trick is they give you a time limit on the coupon. They also have many giveaways and contests on their Facebook as well.

Twice Ad on Facebook

You can also sell to them and get cash for your used clothing. Learn more about how much you can earn here:

Let me know your experience with Twice or any other online consignment shop!

One thought on “Review: Twice – Online Brand-Name Used Clothing Shop

  1. Beware of the new return policy at Twice. I have been ordering from them for years, and the return policy changed recently. Used to be that you would get the whole refund back. Now you get charged a 4.95 fee to return items , and to top it off you get charged another 4.95 if you want your money back on your debit card instead of store credit. So in all, to get your refund back on your debit card, you will lose $9.90. I am considering whether this is such a good deal now.

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