Simple Tips to Make Life a Little Easier


Here are my 5 life tips to make life just a little bit easier:

1. Mascara goes on right after your shower.

Simple Tips to Make Life a Little Easier

– The only makeup I wear on a daily basis is mascara. I learned that if you put it on right after a shower, your lashes are soft and still wet and makes putting on mascara a breeze. It avoids clumps and adds moisture if your mascara is starting to dry out.


2. Keep lip balm in every room, travel bag, coat/jacket pocket, and purse.

Simple Tips to Make Life a Little Easier

– I probably have 3 lip balms in my purse, 1 in each of my coats and jackets, and I keep one in my bathroom, bedroom and living room. Call it excessive, but I never have to go far out of my way to moisturize my lips! The only place you shouldn’t keep lip balm is the car. It can melt and cause a mess.


3. Use reminders on your phone.

Simple Tips to Make Life a Little Easier

– I used to use sticky notes, and sometimes still do, but what really keeps me on track is the Reminders on my iPhone. It helps me pay the bills on time, remember appointments, keeps me organized, and helps me be consistent. It makes life a lot easier when you can count on your phone to remind you of important tasks. Just be sure to never forget the phone wherever you go and keep it charged! 🙂


4. Always carry cash with you.

Simple Tips to Make Life a Little Easier

– Yeah, credit cards and debit cards are quick and easy, but that just means it’s easier to go over your budget (if you don’t have a budget you probably should). I’ve found that carrying cash is the best way to SAVE money. Only allow yourself to use what’s in your wallet each week (I usually do about $40 a week including weekends). It will make life easier by not stressing about knowing how much you can or cannot spend without going broke. Plan ahead.


5. Keep a pair of flip flops in your car.

Simple Tips to Make Life a Little Easier

– I wear dress shoes or closed toe shoes to work because it’s cold in the office with the air conditioning blasting all day. When I get outside though, it’s boiling hot in the summer. My advice is to always keep a pair of flip flops under the seat or in the trunk just in case you need them. Recently I needed them when I got a pedicure! Same goes for a pair of tennis shoes, but that is only because I like to walk on my lunch breaks or in case I get a moment to work out on the go! 🙂


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