Pros and Cons of Not Looking My Age

I’ve been told my entire life “You look SO young!” and then a follow up with “You’ll love it when you’re older”. Well, I’m 25 now and I still do not like being told I look like a child. It’s a curse and a blessing because it has taught me about respecting others despite their appearance, but, on the other hand, it is extremely annoying that others don’t respect me because of my looks. I decided a couple years ago I would not let it bother me anymore and just take it as a compliment and enjoy it. One day all those people will probably be right and I will like it when I’m older.

Pros and Cons of Not Looking My Age

I look very young due to being only 5’0″ tall, I’m blonde with blue eyes, and have a very fair skin tone.  The oldest I’ve ever been told I look within the past 5 years was 18 and the youngest, 11. On average though, people assume I’m in my early teens. Here I will talk about the pros and cons of being short and looking so much younger than my actual age. I’m sure there are some of you who can relate!

Pros and Cons of Not Looking My Age

5K race 2013

CON: I can’t wear braids in my hair or a pony tail because that knocks off another 5 years.

PRO: Being small is great when traveling because I get tons of leg room no matter where I sit!

CON: I get handed kids’ menus at restaurants.

Pros and Cons of Not Looking My Age

I got that shirt for like $3

PRO: I can buy smaller clothes, which = less money and less laundry!

CON: My pants are never the right length.

Pros and Cons of Not Looking My Age

Hiking 2013

PRO: I will look 10 years younger than I am for probably the rest of my life!

CON: I can never reach anything, but I’m pretty good at climbing!

Wearing heels and I'm still short!

Wearing heels and I’m still short!

PRO: Wearing heels is never a problem because I will never look too tall.

CON: I get carded for buying alcohol… and getting into R rated movies.

Pros and Cons of Not Looking My Age

Christmas 2013

PRO: I get to brag about how lucky I am to those who look much older than they are.

CON: If I gain 5 lbs it’s definitely noticeable.

Pros and Cons of Not Looking My Age

Me and my 2012 Honda Fit!

PRO: I fit very comfortably in compact vehicles!

Pros and Cons of Not Looking My Age

Concert 2013

CON: I can never see at concerts because everyone stands in front of me.

PRO: I don’t need a lot of space and I don’t take up very much either.

Christmas 2013 with makeup

Christmas 2013 with makeup

CON: Wearing makeup makes me look like I’m TRYING to be older.

PRO: When I talk, people immediately change their minds about how old they think I am. Good thing I am intelligent! 😛

Drew and I 2013

Drew and I 2013

CON: I’m a lot shorter than most guys and almost a foot shorter than my boyfriend.

Pros and Cons of Not Looking My Age

No Makeup

PRO: I don’t need makeup cover up, blush or wrinkle cream to try and look younger.

CON: I get stared at when I am in grocery stores, shopping malls, movie theaters (when I go alone), restaurants, while driving, etc. etc. etc. I assume because I’m so hot, but really I think it’s because they are all thinking “Why is that child alone?!”.

Pros and Cons of Not Looking My Age

PRO: I feel comfortable being silly in public. Sometimes I just think I have a right of passage to act younger if I look it!

No one ever thinks I'm an adult when I work shows

No one ever thinks I’m an adult when I work shows

CON: People are hesitant to hire me because of my youthful looks. Especially if I have to communicate with clients or customers.

Pros and Cons of Not Looking My Age

Me and my mom 2012

PRO: My siblings and parents look much younger than they are as well, so I always can say it’s because of my genetics and prove it.

CON: The visor does not block the sun at all while I’m driving. Prescription sunglasses FTW.

PRO: No matter what people say or think, I never would want to change who I am. I’m pretty comfortable in my skin and rarely take anything anyone says about my looks to heart.

Pros and Cons of Not Looking My Age

Me with my niece (9) and nephew (8).

CON: When I’m around children, people most definitely assume I am a child as well. Hence why I am not a teacher.

PRO: I’ve learned to respect others despite their looks.

Pros and Cons of Not Looking My Age

Me 2014

It was much harder to think of pros than cons, but I honestly could say that being youthful in appearance and size has made me who I am today. I wouldn’t change a thing. Being small and looking young is a part of who I am and I’ve learned to embrace it! If you look younger than you are too, my advice is to not let it get in the way of your goals, your dreams and your relationships. Prove to the world you are not just a young looking person, you are powerful, intelligent and just as “big” as any other person on this planet.

4 thoughts on “Pros and Cons of Not Looking My Age

  1. I’ve noticed that getting carded for alcohol depends a lot on how I’m dressed and who I’m with — it’s interesting to see how all of those things influence how people see us!

    • It is interesting how what we wear can influence how people perceive us. I think that as a society, we expect people to look and act a certain way at different ages. If someone is different or not the social norm, they tend to get noticed a bit more.

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