Rowing for a Full Body Workout

As many of you know I had a business trip to Las Vegas, NV this past week. Even though I knew I’d be on my feet 12 hours a day I still wanted to get a workout in. To be honest, I wanted to take advantage of the amazing fitness center at the Venetian hotel!

To start, here were my stats from my Fitbit on Thursday, November 14th:


It wasn’t my highest step day, but the rowing wasn’t counted as steps, so I think it was my best workout day because of the row machine. It was a water rower and it also was my first time ever trying a row machine! The gym, even at 6am, was packed full and all that was left was a rower and an elliptical, since I had been on my feet a lot I tried the rower.

Row Machine

For 20 minutes I used this machine and I burned 200 calories! My heart rate got above 170 at times when I’d go fast. I tried rowing slow and side to side to work all of my abs and obliques. It really worked! I also put my hands on top and under the pull bar to work different arm muscles. Someone next to me saw me doing this and he started doing the same. I’m not sure if he was copying me or if I was just using the machine right haha.

The next morning my shoulders were the most sore and my abs and glutes were wore too! It felt like it was a full body workout. Overall, I am pleased with this machine and I can’t wait to give it another try! My only suggestion would to be not to tense up your shoulders and neck. I think that’s why I had some uncomfortable soreness.

Anyone else use a row machine?

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