How To Pack For A Business Trip (or any short trip)

First thing is first. PACK LIGHT!

notpackedlightI have been on several business trips for my job over the past 2.5 years and let me tell you, packing light has been a lesson well learned. My first trip across country was back in 2011 to Las Vegas, NV for the SupplySide West trade show. (The company I work for manufactures nutritional ingredients, so that is why we were at an ingredient show, but that’s for a later post.) It was a 4 day trip and I was told that people give away a lot of little things like pens, flashlights, magnets, reusable bags etc. So I took 2 bags, a carry on and a purse. One bag was EMPTY! It was only for freebies! Even though it turns out I needed it, lugging 2 bags in airports and checking them in and picking them up was not fun. I loved the items I gained, but honestly I don’t use most of them and they sit in a drawer gathering dust.


So today, as I prepare to visit Las Vegas for the second time in my life, I have learned to pack light. I plan to only take a carryon, a shoulder bag and my purse (which fits in the shoulder bag). Not dealing with luggage pick up makes life so much easier. To make room for possible freebies I will roll my clothes instead of folding them. That way it will make space for (my favorite) reusable bags or small giveaways that I feel are really cool or useful, such as a desk clock, travel mugs or T-shirts (if a company is nice enough to let you have any of these). You have to really seem interested in what they offer to score the big gifts!

Next I would suggest not overpacking. I usually want many outfits, shoes and accessories to choose from. This time I am packing only what I need, with the exception of a pair of flip flops and a swim suit just in case I get some unexpected free time to hang out by the pool. 4 days 3 nights consist of 4 outfits, 3 for work 1 for outings after work, 2 sets of PJs, 3 pairs of light, NON heeled shoes. These shows require standing for 12 hours straight so, no heels for me (made that mistake once).

ipodshuffleWhen packing for a quick trip or business trip I have learned to limit electronics if at all possible. I once took a my netbook, an iPod touch, my phone, an iPad and some magazines too. I did not need all of this. This trip I am taking my tiny iPod shuffle, my phone and maybe 1 magazine. Traveling with less stuff means less to keep track of and less weight to carry around. Running to the next terminal with all this crap may be a good workout, but not easy and could cause delays.

Now to talk about FOOD. Yum. I always pack snacks when I go on these business trips or any trip. Heck, I pack snacks everyday for work or when I go out shopping for a couple hours. I just like having something there in case my blood sugar drops, or if I start to get really moody from being hungry (hey, I know you’ve been there too.) I like to pack granola bars (organic or natural preferably), apples and unsalted mixed nuts (unsalted means less thirst and less awkward airplane bathroom breaks). I haven’t found anything else I like to pack that doesn’t need refrigerated, so if you have suggestions I am open to new things to take while traveling. I like to stick to easy and not messy.


To Recap:

– Pack light with a carryon

– Don’t pack what you don’t need

– Limit electronics to have less weight to carry

– Pack easy and healthy snacks

Overall, traveling can be a pain and a joy. It’s exciting to see new places and to explore, but it is also important to make sure you consider lightening your luggage, so you can enjoy as much of the travel time as you can. Not too much weighing you down, less to keep track of and having snacks to keep you satisfied. Do you have any travel tips that might be helpful?

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