The Beginning of My Blogging Life

Hashtags Everywhere

Over the past few months I have wanted to write and share photos, experiences and reviews, but I felt that the only way to reach a large audience was to post on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook with a bunch of hashtags to get noticed. It seems kind of silly, you know, to think what I have to say is so important for hundreds of strangers to see. Maybe, just maybe  I do have interesting and informative things to post!

Pin All The Things!Lately I’ve been obsessed with Pinterest (@itinalouise) and I click on an images that say “15 ways to use avocados,” or something like that, and it leads to a blog about, well, 15 ways to use avocados! This made me want to create a blog. A place to learn, to share my experiences and to have fun. Maybe once I get this going I’ll be one of those informative posts!

Anyway, this is the beginning of my blogging life.  I hope to post often and the more responses I get the more I’ll be motivated to write. So, please comment, share and follow along. Bear with me, I’m kind of a noob (newbie).

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