Review: LipSense Lipsticks and Glosses

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Let me take you on my journey of learning all about LipSense. I was invited to a FaceBook party and learned so much about the products! I’ve heard of them before, but never tried them. I was curious and stuck around for the party and won 10% off on one of the games we played. I bought the starter kit, which comes with one color, Oops Remover, and Glossy Gloss, and now I have 4 colors and 4 glosses! Needless to say, I have become a big fan of LipSense in the few short weeks of using my colors and glosses.

The starter kit costs $55 and it’s recommended you get the Glossy Gloss, which is a clear moisturizing lip gloss, to seal in the product. I was skeptical at first, because I wanted to start with the Matte Gloss, but after my initial experience using the product, Glossy Gloss is so moisturizing and soothing. You will need this during your first experience with the product and to seal whichever colors you choose. The Oops Remover is great to fix mistakes or removing the product before it wears off. It usually lasts 10 hours for me, but some ladies have had it last up to 18 hours!

Your lips will go through an exfoliating process. I was pretty upset at first because my lips started to peel in large sections after using the product for the first time! It was kind of like shedding all of the dead skin, old lip balm, and residue. After this happened my lips were soft, smooth, and felt healthier than before! I do notice my lips exfoliate every 3-4 days, but way less intrusive as the first time. I make sure to moisturize with the Glossy Gloss or their Lip Balm every time I remove the product to lessen the severity of exfoliation and to keep my lips soft and smooth.

My first color was Praline Rose. Usually, people choose a safe neutral as their first color. This was the perfect shade for me and I wore it almost everyday until I got more colors! I now have Praline Rose, Napa, Glam Doll, and Honey Rose, which has quickly become my favorite of the four. The glosses I have are Glossy Gloss, Matte Gloss, Sand Gloss, and Bougainvillea Gloss. I use the Glossy Gloss first on top of the color to seal and then add on the other glosses after I let it set for a few minutes. I even do combos now using different colors for each layer to create whole new colors! It’s so much fun to experiment.

My favorite part of the whole experience, however, is the community around LipSense and GeneSence. The group I belong to is so kind and uplifting! I love the conversations and seeing others share their color combos and makeup looks. I plan to stay active in the group even though I may not purchase as frequently as I’d like. It’s fun to be part of the LipSense community. If you are interested in joining Jennifer’s group that I belong to click here! She’s super helpful and kind hearted!

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P.S. I am not sponsored or a distributor. Just a happy customer!


Review: BarkBox October 2017

My readers that have been with me for a while know we used to have an adorable pup that we rescued named Luna. She passed away in January 2016 and it was sudden and one of the worst days of our lives. Fortunately, we were able to realize that rescuing more pups was better than not living with another dog ever again. Which leads me to introduce our new pup, Felix!

I loved spoiling Luna, but she didn’t like toys at all and had no interest in a lot of things that you buy to spoil your dog. Felix on the other hand LOVES toys and is so spunky and is incredibly easy to spoil! I’ve heard of BarkBox before, but never had a dog that would benefit from it. Now I do! So I decided to sign up for a 6 month subscription to try it out.

Felix’s first box is the October 2017 box, which is Halloween themed. The theme this month is House of Horrors. I love this theme because dogs are terrified of the silliest of things! The box came with a card that describes the theme and some of the toys and we also got a welcome card since it is our first box. (P.S. I accidentally ripped the themed one!)

The first toy is the “Rain of Terror” that comes with a crinkly plush rain cloud and inside, much to my surprise, was two rain drops. Adorable! Felix very much enjoyed thrashing the cloud around and squeaking the rain drops. Felix loves hide and seek toys so this is perfect!

The second toy is the “Count Vaccula” that is a vacuum plush with two squeakers and a nylon plastic center part for chewing. Felix loved this toy and the chew part! He is a destroyer so I don’t see the toys lasting long, but he will definitely enjoy this one.

The first treat is the Spooky Treats that are made with pork and cheese. They are shaped like donuts and they smell like BBQ to me. Felix went nuts over these and even tried getting back into the box after I closed it to get these. I like that they are small so I can give him 2 or three a day. The only thing I don’t like is the crude protein percent. There’s only 6% and usually you want something with more than 14% crude protein.

The second treat is the Zombie Crunch, which is also a pork product. It is very crunchy and Felix seems to enjoy that factor. I am very pleased that these have only one ingredient and are 36% crude protein. They look like strips of skin which is fitting for the theme! I have been breaking them in tiny pieces and only giving Felix a couple per day.

The chew in this box is a pig ear. I haven’t given Felix a pig ear yet, but he is a heavy chewer so I’m interested in seeing how well he handles this chew. It’s thinner than the bones we have for him. I’ll keep this one aside for a special time where we can closely monitor him, since I’m always afraid of him swallowing too much at once with these types of treats.

BarkBox allows you to choose how long you’d like to be receiving the boxes and of course the longer you subscribe the cheaper the boxes. 12 months will cost $21 per box, 6 months will cost $25 per box, and a single box purchase is $29. All orders come with free shipping, but in certain states, including Ohio, will need to pay tax on top of the price. When I signed up they were offering a free box with any 6 or 12 month subscription.

I also saw their Facebook live video after ordering that day and they said if you ordered that day you got signed up for the Extra Toy Club! I used the chat on their website to talk to customer service and they were SUPER kind and I loved all of their dog puns. They let me sign up for the extra toy club for free with the offer even though I had already ordered! They couldn’t send me a Halloween themed one since my box was already prepared to ship, so they send us a Barry the Blowfish toy! Very pleased with the customer service experience.

P.S. You can get a free each month too for FREE if you order by tonight! Hurry!

I just read they have a “Super Chewer” box option as well and we asked for the next box to be toys that will last longer with dogs who love to destroy! The toys he got in this box lasted about a day. The good news is we joined Felix in the Destroyers Club where we upload photos of him with his destroyed toys and we get points and money added to our account which go towards more toys to destroy! It’s the perfect program and makes me less sad that he destroys everything we boy him. You can sign up for the Destroyers Club through the Bark Shop site. #DestroyersClub

Overall, Felix and I are very pleased with this subscription box and can’t wait for more fun themes. We are so happy we added Felix to our family and are able to have fun and participate in BarkBox and the Destroyers Club.

Want to try BarkBox? Get a free box with Felix’s link! He’ll get a free box too or we will donate a box to a shelter3! Click here. Or go to

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Do you have BarkBox already? Is your dog a destroyer? Comment below!

Review: MONQ® Personal Essential Oil Diffusers

Many of you, like me, have seen these advertised all over social media. They are the MONQ® personal essential oil diffusers. I contemplated for months if I should give these a try, but it seemed like a weird concept to me. As of recently, life got a bit more stressful and I needed more ways to meditate or relax and natural ways to de-stress. I took the plunge and ordered four of the MONQ® diffusers.

They have a deal where you order 4 for $69, which is a better deal than ordering them at $20 each. I also used the promo code TRYMONQ which gave me 10% off and free shipping on $60 or more. So, I decided to try Healthy, Happy, Active, and Zen. I liked the essential oils listed on these and that they were the feelings I was most wanting from the diffusers. Others, that I may try in the future, are Sexy, Sleepy, and Vibrant. Their Nature diffusers are new and they are supposed make you feel like you are in a location of relaxation such as Ocean, Forest, and Mountain. They all intrigue me, but I’m only going to review the 4 I purchased in this particular blog post.


My initial reaction was that it was a very different experience! You have to kind of breathe in through your nose but suck in the vapor and hold it in your mouth until you breathe out your nose with it. Be sure to empty your mouth while breathing out to get all of the vapor. When you exhale through your nose as opposed to your mouth, molecules pass the olfactory nerve endings in your upper nasal passageway. This action is the first step to noticeable therapeutic effects. It was interesting that I could taste the flavor and feel it instantly make me feel the oils. I also thought it was neat that it lights up on the end, but only knew it did this because I took a video of myself, so you can’t really see it much as you use it. I think this feature is to show if you’ve run out of oils if it doesn’t light up anymore or if the light comes on the diffuser is working. To learn more about how the diffusers work click here.

Healthy MONQ® – I’ve been using this diffuser once a day for a week and have really enjoyed the flavor. The main essential oils are cinnamon, known for immune support, turmeric, known for anti inflammatory effects, and marjoram, known for antiviral effects. I don’t get an immediate feeling of healthiness, but more of a shock to the system from the aroma of the oils. I just felt like I could breathe a little easier, especially during high allergy days.

Happy MONQ® – I have used this diffuser the least within the past week. I really liked the flavor. The main essential oils are vanilla, known as an antidepressant, thyme, known for energy boost, and fennel, known to give a feeling of being grounded. I do feel down at least once a day and I tried this diffuser to boost my mood. I think the benefit of using this one was to just take a moment to breathe and reflect, so it was a great diffuser for meditation. However, this one did make me sneeze and I’m not exactly sure why, but that is the reason I haven’t used it as much as the others.

Active MONQ® – I have used this diffuser a few times in the past week. The flavor is citrusy and light. The main essential oils are orange, known for anti-inflammatory, sage, known for stimulating the brain and nervous system, and black pepper, known to encourage blood circulation and can relieve muscle aches and pains. I used this before workouts and I really think it helped boost my energy after a long day at work to get through my workout. This is probably the diffuser I’d probably continue to buy since I really enjoyed the flavor and effect it gave me.

Zen MONQ® – I have used this diffuser the most out of all the blends in the past week. The main essential oils are orange, known to be an antidepressant, ylang ylang, known to promote relaxation, and frankincense, known as a stress reliever. I used this during times of stress and anxiety at work, at home, and in the car. This inhaler helped give me a sense of clarity and helped me regain control of my emotions and feelings during times where I would normally be irrationally emotional and anxious. The flavor is strong and reminds me of a health food store smell, but was very effective for me. This is the other diffuser I could see me ordering again since it has helped. I did notice during intense stress it took 4-5 inhales to feel fully calm and collected.

Overall, I have enjoyed my experience with these personal essential oil diffusers. I can’t say I would buy all of them again, but Active and Zen have definitely been the most beneficial to me. I think you have to be sure to use these properly and allow the oils to take effect. They are all great for taking time out of the day to just breathe and meditate, no matter the effects of the actual oils. I have come to reach for my diffusers at certain times and they have become a part of my daily routine.

A bonus to these are that they are recyclable. You just send the empty diffusers back to MONQ® with a free shipping label! Click here to learn more.

For more information on these products and to learn more about MONQ® and their transparency on quality, safety, and ingredients, visit They have all the information you need to answer your questions and I found their website very informative and reassuring.

So, have you tried MONQ®? What are your thoughts on all of their diffusers? If you haven’t tried them yet, which ones are you most interested in?


Review: Java Sok Iced Coffee Sleeve

Summer is my favorite time of year to get iced coffee in the afternoons. I’m not picky about where to get it, but I usually go to Starbucks, Dunkin’ Donuts, or McDonalds. I also go to Tim Hortons or Panera Bread occasionally too. My pet peeve though, is the condensation and getting my hands, desk, and clothes wet from the plastic cups!! Not to mention my hand getting really cold. That’s when I did my online search and found my new favorite accessory, the Java Sok!

Now, I have never seen this in stores before and it seems pretty exclusive to only being available online at So I emailed them and asked them to send me some samples to try and review for you guys. I am incredibly grateful that they responded with a yes! I now have every size and I must tell you, it is a necessity that I never knew I needed.

The Java Sok comes in 7 different colors and 3 different sizes such as the 16oz (Grande at Starbucks or small at DD’s), 24oz (Venti at Starbucks or medium at DD’s), and 32oz (Trenta at Starbucks or large at DD’s). All worked great for me and I even used the 16oz size on a Tall at Starbucks and it still worked, it just went up to the lid. So, whichever size you order more often that’s the one to get, or get one of each! 

My favorite part, outside of them doing a great job at what they’re made for, is how many colors are available! I can’t decide which is my favorite. They even say on their website that they may come out with even more colors and designs. I’m looking forward to see what else they have to offer in the future. This is such a creative and amazing idea that I am excited for more!

The Java Sok itself works great at keeping the drink cool and the condensation from dripping everywhere. I had it on my Grande iced coffee for 4 hours and it STILL had ice in it! So, not only did it prevent my pet peeve of condensation, but it helped the drink last longer by keeping it cool. (Yes, I tend to drink these slowly in the mornings at work). Another good thing is that even with the Java Sok on, the drinks still fit in my cup holders in my car. Now I can use this soft, comfortable, and insulating sleeve on my iced beverages anytime anywhere!

The only negative I have to say about it, is that it does make it a tiny bit less stable on my desk, but I honestly haven’t had any issue of it knocking over. It’s just a little more wobbly since the bottom is also the thick insulating koozie material, but it’s well worth it for the benefits. Even though these are made specifically for Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts cups, they worked with the medium McCafe plastic cup that I ordered iced coffee in and also a small iced coffee at Panera Bread. Both fit the 16oz or 24oz sized Java Sok. I did ask how to clean them if coffee were to spill over on them and the best way to do it is with dish soap and water by hand and then let air dry.

Overall, I’d definitely recommend that you try this out if you are an avid iced coffee or any iced beverage drinker. I’m so happy I had the chance to try this product and that it was provided to me this for me to review. Thanks Java Sok!!

Have you tried the Java Sok yet? They have a special deal where you get 15% off 2, 20% off 3-6, or 25% off 7-12. If you only buy one they are priced at $9.95 each for any size. Also, with my special promo code “christina10” you can get an added 10% off your order until 9/30/17! So be sure to order soon to take advantage of the extra savings!

Leave me comments if you’re getting a Java Sok and which colors are your favorite!

Honeymoon Cruise – Carnival Vista

When deciding what to do for our honeymoon, my (now) husband and I decided a cruise would be easy and require little effort to plan during a stressful time with the wedding and all. It was suggested we use Carnival as our cruise line and the Vista is their newest and largest ship. We were both pretty excited and I thought I should review our time with Carnival for our honeymoon vacation.

The booking process was easy and it’s nice to view and purchase excursions before you board the ship. We only booked one, but in hindsight, we should have booked all excursions in advance. Otherwise, you’ll be waiting in line on the ship to purchase, or struggling to find a ride to excursions if you don’t buy on the ship. Our room was amazing! We had the balcony suite, which made it feel less closed in. Our room was super clean all the time thanks to our awesome room steward. Our bed was made and trash was taken every time we left the room! We also received roses, chocolate covered strawberries, and champagne courtesy of my Mother in Law! It was a wonderful surprise and made it feel more like out honeymoon.

The buffets, free restaurants, and drinks were all delicious and had a good variety. We enjoyed all the foods and desserts that we tried. The free ice cream stations were pretty great and they also offered frozen yogurt as well. The sit down dinners were very nice and the staff was super friendly and courteous. The only problem is that it took a very long time for food to arrive to the table. We would be at dinner on average an hour and a half every night. Of course, there are other restaurant alternatives, but it was worth the waits since these dinners were included in our tickets.

Our first port was Ocho Rios, Jamaica. We didn’t have our excursion tickets, so we got off the boat not knowing where to get tickets or who to buy from. We ended up going to the help kiosk, after being bombarded by people trying to sell us overpriced tickets and transport, and we went to climb Dunn’s River Falls. It is a challenging excursion and I fell a couple times, but it was beautiful and a fun experience none the less. No regrets here, besides not purchasing tickets on the ship first. We didn’t stay off the boat long since we had to be back on board soon after the excursion was completed.

The sea days made the ship feel very crowded. It wasn’t easy to find lounge chairs to sit by the pool, and we never even got in the pool because of the crowds. There was a waterpark, over 21 spa area, and also an after 7pm public pool, but we mostly were busy after 7pm with dinner and the over 21 whirl pools were packed except for one time where I we were able to get in. The sky fitness was pretty cool too, but the lines were long most of the time. We did take advantage of the track and walked it as exercise. We never did make it to the actual gym on the front of the ship. If we go on another cruise, we’d choose one that would feel less crowded, even though the ship had so much to offer and was incredibly cool to be on a boat and have so much to do. There were just way too many people on the boat this trip.

Our second stop was Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands. We purchased our snorkeling at the Great Barrier Reef excursion tickets on board the day before, so we knew what we’d be doing for the day. It was nice we were able to leave the area where cruisers were sectioned off, but we decided to stay in this area. While we waited we stopped at shops and I found a cool magnet, which was great since I collect them. The snorkeling was a great time, even though it was delayed and seemed like a long wait. We saw tons of tropical fish, coral reefs, and even sting rays. The guides were amazing and brought sting rays to the surface for us to pet and admire. The waves were a little rough,  but I had a great time for my first time snorkeling!

The last port was Cozumel, Mexico, where we purchased our Dolphin Swim tickets online with our cruise tickets. This is the only one I knew for sure I wanted to do because it was on my bucket list to swim with dolphins! Our guide was friendly and informative, so it made the transport and whole experience easy and fun. Swimming with the dolphins was very structured, so we were told what to do the whole time, but it was truly an amazing experience and still very fun. They pushed us on buggy boards, gave us kisses, and pulled us along the water. It made me want to be a dolphin trainer! We both had a blast and agree this was our favorite part of the trip. The only thing is you have to pay for the photos they take of you since there are no cameras or phones allowed during the dolphin swim. It was $140 for a CD with 60 photos. We also roamed the beach and got free lunch and margaritas as well during this excursion. There was a sea otter show too, which was fun and entertaining! We headed back to the ship early, since this one was a bit of a ways back to port.

After the trip I experienced Mal de Debarquement Syndrome (MdDS) which means I still felt the rocking of the ship even when I wasn’t on the ship. This lasted about two and a half weeks after being home. It was pretty annoying, but once it was gone I was able to appreciate the trip more. During those weeks though, I did not ever want to be on a boat again! It’s rare that it lasts so long, but that is just my luck. I took ginger Dramamine to help when I felt very nauseous. On the boat I was fine, but I also took the ginger pills and had nausea patches on every day.

Are you thinking about going on a cruise? Ask me questions!

Have you been on a cruise and want to suggest things to do for next time? Comment below!



Review: Perfectly Posh Complexion Perfection and Moisturize 911

So, my close friend had a Perfectly Posh party. If you’ve never heard of their products, Perfectly Posh is a Made in USA brand that claims they blend quality ingredients to bring you the best products for your pampering pleasure. Now to begin, I love the idea of locally made products and quality ingredients, but unfortunately this won’t be a positive review.

I was looking into their face wash and moisturizer since I have my wedding coming up in May and I have whiteheads and blackheads everywhere from stress and working out a lot. I needed something to clear those up. The consultant suggested many products, but I chose the Complexion Perfection and Moisturize 911.

The products are pretty expensive for what you get, but it’s understandable, since everything is locally sourced. They are $19 per bottle and with tax it was a little over $40. I was excited to see how they work since they cost a pretty penny.

Let’s talk about what I like about the products, because they weren’t a total fail. They both smell really nice. The face wash smells sweet with a hint of peppermint and gave my face a fresh tingly feeling. The moisturizer is very light and didn’t make me feel sticky or like I had a layer on my face. If these products didn’t have negative side effects, I would have been happy with my purchase.

Yes, now on to the negative side effects. The first use I washed and moisturized at night. The Moisturize 911 says to apply twice a day, so I wanted to start right away. I woke up and had hives on one side of my face! I didn’t think it was the products, I just thought it was allergies, so I kept using them. The face wash gets huge bubbles when you scrub and they went up my nose a lot and it was sort of annoying. The walnut shells in there are pretty rough, although there weren’t a ton in the pea sized amount that it suggested I use. That amount was definitely enough for each wash though. After a couple of days, my skin was getting pretty dry. I tried more moisturizer, but I felt like it was doing nothing. After a week or so of daily use and then switching to every other day, my face felt like sand paper. It was dry, flaky, and irritated.

The good news is I was able to contact the sales consultant and return the product. We both assume I’m allergic to something in them. I do have pretty sensitive skin and was hoping more natural products would benefit me, but they did not. I think Complexion Perfection was too rough for my skin and Moisturize 911 was not able to make up for the dryness that happened after washing.

Overall, the party, buying process, and consultant were great! I just don’t think I’ll be purchasing their products again. If you’re interested in learning more about Perfectly Posh, you can visit their website here. Have you tried their products? Which are your favorite and least favorites? Comment below!